Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

This christmas was ALL about Ginger, mostly cuz' I got put on bedrest at a horrible time, I didn't finish Josh's christmas shopping so all he got was socks, underwear, and jammies!! I didn't even get stocking stuffers for him so all he got was candy in his. So sad, whereas me... yeah he did good with the stocking stuffers I felt so horrible but, I'm determined to make it up to him after bedrest is over. Anyways Ginger was too fun this christmas, she LOVED opening up her presents. After she would open one she would point at another and ask to open it. To cute, her favorite presents was her 'scary' movie, Monster House. She LOVES that movie. Weird kid. And of course the candy. She got lots of winnie the pooh from her Grandpa Louie (Josh's dad) and she loves them. Espcially the snuggle one.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was good here with us, a little sad being away from the family made even more so when we couldn't get to see each other with web cams because my moms computer was being dumb. But we made it work. My mom sent us our traditional stockings w/the stuffers in em' and our jammies, which totally made my bedridden day!! I had a hard time relaxing cuz' I was so eager to get that package from my mom. Ginger loved looking at those presents under the tree. We didn't put ANY under the tree till then cuz' we knew she would just try to open them. And she did with all of them, but she didn't succeed. First we opened the stockings from my mom and Ginger didn't know how to do it properly, you got to just dump it on the ground then go through it (well I pull things out slowly so I can enjoy the process) but she would just grab one item then play with it and not worry about the rest. Her favorite was the candy and her finger puppets, she loved them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ginger's Ornament

Here she is playing with it.

Ginger's grandpa (Josh's dad) sent christmas presents and also an ornament, Ginger LOVED it we just HAD to hang it on the tree. Actually I had to talk her into it cuz' all she wanted to do was play with it. But once she understood that SHE would be the one hanging it up she was all over it, she was so all over it that she would take it off and then put it back it on.

Out and about

You would think with the way we're bundled up it would be bad outside but nope, it was just sprinkling. We went prepared!

Measuring Small

I'm already a lazy person but now I get to be EXTRA lazy, per doc's orders.

So yesterday we had my doctor's appointment, no biggy, regular prenatal check up, well apparantly I was measuring small. I was measuring 33 centimeters when I should be measuring 35 cuz' I'm 35 weeks preggo. So the Doc had me go to the hospital and get a ultra sound just to make sure cuz' she could of measured wrong. Well the baby is measuring via ultrasound at 33 weeks so they put me on bedrest!! Holy crap I was still reeling from that news when the told me that I also have to go do non-stress tests twice a week till the baby is born. Holy moly. I think the nurse said something about a growth restriction but I'm not sure, I'll get more info on Monday when I go in for my first non-stress test. Luckily Josh has this next week off so he can help me out, he's already got dinners planned out for the next week so that all I'll have to do is reheat them. He even set up the extra twin bed in the living room so I can have my bedrest there :). What a good man. He yells at me when I try to help a little around the house. But I dont' know what bedrest exactly means should I let my house get trashed and my kid run loose. BTW bedrest is silly when you have a small child I don't know how it gets done, so if you guys have some pointers on how I can deal with this please let me know. This came at the worst time ever. I'm away from home for the first time ever and christmas is just around the corner. I can't even finish going shopping for Josh so he's buying his presents this year, at least he'll like what he gets this time. I'll make it up to him. Ginger thinks it's cool that there's a bed in the living room.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Animal Noises

I just wanted to show you how she makes her piggy noises, it's the very beginning. I don't know why she just doen't say 'Oink'.

Go me!!

That's right I've been dabbling in the braiding of Ginger's hair and I'm getting pretty good at it!! I'm pretty proud of myself!! And Ginger loves her pretty's. Next will my attempt with french braiding.


did you know that I can't even braid my own hair?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My girl when she wasn't feeling good.

Not to much has been going here with us. Just kind of been getting used to be in Virginia, and we are. Josh has officially started work and he says he hates it :) but oh well, one of needs to bring home the bacon and it really can't be me, I'm baking a baby right now. We are still undecided if we want to rent or buy here. We want a place that has a backyard and that would be a house but the rent for those is WAY more than buying, I don't know we'll see. Ginger has finally gotten over being sick. YEAH!! She had us a little worried. She'd been having fevers for a few days and I didn't see that as a big deal but then on Friday I noticed that she wasn't moving her head, she had a stiff neck so then I worried about menegitis (don't laugh at me, 4 months ago someone close to us almost lost her baby to it) and we took her to the ER and it was just a stiff neck, Whew. This morning she woke up like her old self!! That's a good and bad thing, cuz' now I can't drug her when she's cranky. I've been good. I've got a doc here so that's good (thank you Dani) I'm still not to sure about her but at this point I don't even care. I've been having issues with our health insurance (did I really think I was done with it all in Idaho?) we were supposed to have active blue cross insurance on Dec. 1 did that happen? Nope so we had to pay $200 bucks out of our personal money to pay the doc. (we'll be reimbursed later) now my question is how the heck does it cost that much when all she did was have me pee in a cup, measure my belly and check the baby's heartbeat? AND we waited FOREVER. Insane!! Also I've stopped smoking!! Yeah me, this Friday will mark my 3 weeks of being smoke free!! Now I'm not telling all of you so you can gripe at me and tell me all the horrible things that smoking does to me and the baby, I'm VERY proud of myself! And I plan to stay smoke free even after the baby is born.


Yeah, we FINALLY closed on our house. We wired the closing money yesterday (supposed to have been last Friday, preggo brain) and the papers have been signed. We now don't have to worry to much about the house, we just have to make sure that they will make the payments. We are doing an owner carry or a wrap which means we'll carry the loan for a few years until they are able to re-finance the house under their name, so it's almost like a rent-to-own. I didn't care so long as the house payments were going to be made. This is one worry that we don't have to have now!!


If I really think about my family, I start to get homesick. And being pregnant and emotional has made it even more difficult. It's always there and I try really hard to ignore it because I'm trying to enjoy being here (which I do for the most part) but sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I miss my mom so much I miss our Thursday nights, I can't wait to see her when the baby is here and that helps a little. I just miss being to go to any of my family's houses anytime and just visit with them. I'm SOOOO grateful that I have some family here and that's helped, just knowing that they are here and close by.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating the tree

The day after Thanksgiving we set up our tree and decorated it. Boy did Ginger love it. She just thought that it was the coolest thing ever. After every ornament she hung up she would yell 'TA DA I did it' she was to cute. Now we have to watch her from trying to take them off and put them back on. It was nice to have that family time considering Josh doesn't think decorating the tree is that big of a deal (he will though) and there was a football game on that he wanted to watch, so he took the photos.


Now that my husband has relinquished the computer to me I can now write about my thanksgiving. It was wonderful. We went to Dani's house and it was just awesome to be with family this year. We are definately lucky to have family nearby. It was fun. We played the PS3 and listened to music, caught up on things. Ginger had a blast hanging out with her cousins. The kids were loud and wonderful, having a loud holiday is always comforting to me. It was just a wonderful time. I'm so glad that we'll be able to visit them.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Finally a day to do nothing. Today is Josh's first day at Micron here in VA and I gotta say that I'm kinda glad he's gone as much as I love the guy I'm happy to spend time with and I'm happy t see him go. He is just to busy for me. He always wants to go and do something whereas me... I want to stay home and relax. We've gone most of this week looking around the neighborhoods and getting our bearings. But now, it's just me and Ginger all day!! I love to stay at home and do nothing.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday we spent a few hours in DC. It was awesome. It was such a beautiful day, cold but beautiful (and poor Josh only had his sweatshirt so he was freezing), and we got to see so much in just a couple of hours and we didn't get to everything. It's only a 40 min drive to DC from where we live so visiting the nation's capitol can be done anytime. It was just awesome to be in a place where so much history took place. And the white house was cool. It was great to see it in person. Even though I was exhausted from so much walking and carrying Ginger I still had a great time. And Josh did to. He loves history. We moved to a great state with so much history that Josh is going to love. Virginia isn't so bad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What the heck!

Ginger is doing really well with her potty training here. It's insane!! We are not doing anything at all. She tells us and then goes. She's doing much better here than back in Idaho. It's crazy. I hope it'll continue and stick but I'm not banking on it. We still have one more move to make and then the new baby will be here. So far so good here in Virginia. Today was a much more mellower day. I can't remember all that we did though, stupid preggo brain. A little chilly and since my jacket was still wet in the dryer, cuz' it doesn't dry well, I had to go without one (making me want my dryer badly). Ginger was pretty good today, probably cuz' it was a mellow day, she made up her own songs and was having conversations with us in the car, she hates it when she's not included and trys to talk over you so you can listen to her. Yep today was a good day.

I did it!!

I drove today!! I was pretty proud of myself, and it wasn't to horrible the traffic wasn't bad and all I had to do was follow the GPS directions to my destination. We had to take back the rental
:( sad cuz' we really love the GPS. And I got to drive that while Josh took our car, silly guy actually thought I knew where to go. Nope and the dork didn't even wait for me anyways. So I followed the GPS and made it there by myself!!! However though it wasn't the right place, it was because you can return cars there but it wasn't cuz' Josh wanted to go to a different place. Then he should of told me and plugged it into the GPS himself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are here

We made it to Virginia!! We are safe and more or less happy to be here. The trip here was long. Ginger was great though. She loved the take off and landing of the airplane and she napped most of the time and watched a movie (portable dvd player), boy did we get lucky!!! We got in when it was kinda dark so we couldn't see anything on our way to the apartment. BTW GPS ROCKS!!! Our rental has it and it has been a lifesaver for us, we might just have to buy our own now. Today was spent driving around and was supposed to be fun getting to know the area and get a little shopping done, but it turned to crap when Josh got pulled over (that's right 12 hrs in and he already gets a ticket) I wasn't feeling good and that made Josh upset (espcially when told to pull over) he just hates how sick I've been this pregnancy. And Ginger has been a turd today (and I expect a few more days of it also), but otherwise it's not so bad. It's pretty here, nice and green. It's cold though, it snowed today. I wish I had packed my winter jacket. It's going to take me a while to get used to being here but I know I will. Still hard to believe that I have moved so far away. We can't wait to start going to all the fabulous places that are here.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I wanted to post a little something about my little girl, Ginger. These last few days have been a little rough for her, what with the move that's going on and everything. I've been kinda single parenting it while Josh has been getting things settled and cleaned. So Ginger has been a real snot (ask my mom about thursday night) and I've just about had it with her and I'm at my wit's end. I just read my aunt Lauri's blog about taking the good with the bad and I couldn't agree more. I forget the good most times. And sometimes its hard to remember them. Once I feel like I could beat my kid black and blue and not feel remorse about she does something that just makes my heart swell. Like we went out for breakfast this morning and she was being horrible (sometimes) and just when I'm ready to explode, she'll look at me and smile her sweetest smile and ask if I want her Teddy Grahm or Gold Fish. Or she'll give me a HUGE hug and tell me she loves me. Moments like that are what makes being a parent worthwhile, and during those moments I forget just how horrible she can really be. Until next time. So I just want to say that I'm blessed to have a such a wonderful daughter, even if she does drive me crazy most of the time. Thank you Lauri for your post, it has helped me remember that not everyday is supposed to be a perfect day with children. But that there are some perfect moments.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Hansen Update

So our house is packed and loaded and being shipped to Manassas as we speak. It's sad seeing my house so empty. Since our house is empty we're staying with Josh's sister. It's a bit of an adjustment, espcially for Ginger. The poor girl doesn't know what's going on, just that something is. So she's being grumpy lately. On Saturday I went to the hosptial because of some crazy contractions I was having. They weren't real ones but I was having them often enough in an hour that I was scared enough to go. They gave me a shot and and they stopped. They came back the next day and I'm told to just relax. Which is really hard to do with everything that's going on and with a 2 yr old. But I'm definatley trying. This baby is not coming out till I say so. (I really don't think that'll happen) Dani has been great getting me info on hospitals and docs. I alsmost have one picked out!! Austin got out yesterday and we had the whole family go to my moms house for wontons, yummy. It was nice getting the whole together like that. I'm going to miss that. Me and Josh can't wait till we fly out on Monday. We're pretty excited about the move. We also found out everything that has to do with our new temporary housing and it comes with HOUSEKEEPING!!! How awesome is that??? I'll hardly have to lift a finger, wait I already do that :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had my last doctors appointment for Idaho today. It went well, expect they changed their location and didn't let me know, they did say that the automated phone call the day before told me, but what ever. So once I got there things were good. I got my blood drawn for gestational diabetes, BTW that was the best stick I've ever had!! I didn't feel anything. The flu shot I got after hurt worse, crazy. I didn't really want a flu shot but I felt pressured and my doc kept going on how pregnant women die from the flu and also since I'm traveling I should get one and my family cuz' newborns die from the flu also. Kinda scary. But whatever it's done and over with. Once I got home I went straight online to try and find a doctor who is with Blue Cross and will be PHCS as of January 1. I found a few but I don't which hospital to go to. I kinda want to go to this one that's kinda further away because its nicer and I feel jipped that I'm going to missing out on the whole new baby facility here (where I get a free massage) but I don't know, it depends on traffic. This SUCKS!! Especially since I'm now at the point where every 2 week appointments are now called for. And my insurance customer care service people aren't very friendly. BUT microns HR department is, and very helpful and patient when I had a total preggo brain moment and lost my train of thought mid sentence, embarrassing!! All will turn out but being pregnant and moving and having to find everything ALL over again is frustrating since I'm not physically there and have to try and do this 2500 miles away.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Halloween

It was so much fun. Ginger is at a very fun age for trick or treating. We went to our old area this year and it was beautiful, old boise is beautiful with its old huge houses. And the weather was PERFECT normally its freezing out for halloween and you need to adjust costumes to accomadate bundling up but this year it was in the 60's. Like I said PERFECT. Ginger loved getting her candy and when she would get one she would look at me and tell me "get more mama" and then run to the next house. She was to cute. Josh was able to get the first half his night off so that he could trick or treat with Ginger and me. I'm so glad he did cuz' he had a blast to. Whenever Ginger would run her wings would bounce around, too cute.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just because

The Snake is Gone!!!

I don't know if you watch Survivor, but I do and I got to say I'm pretty excited that Ace the Snake is GONE!! I really didn't like him (I also wonder if his accent is real). I hated how he was using Sugar, and I just love her. I'm rooting for her. I think she's the sweetest person ever. I was never more excited than I was last night when Ace was blindsided. I was holding onto the edge of my seat cuz' Sugar was the swing vote. The Snake is gone!!!

Pumpkin Carving Party

If you read my moms blog then this will mostly be the same. Last Sunday we had a pumpkin carving party at my brothers house. It was a lot of fun. Matt cooked, I brought drinks, mom brought rolls, everyone chipped in. It was great having the family together, it's one of my favorite times. Austin called from jail and was able to talk to EVERYONE so he was pretty excited about that. Our pumpkins turned out great, Josh did a really weird one (not a pre-design one) but once you lit it up it looked great. After the kids scooped out the guts (Ginger didn't like) the parents did the carving.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween party

So my sister-in-law had a Halloween/B-day party last Saturday night and me and Ginger got to go. I dressed Ginger up in her costume and I "dressed up" Goth (it's hard finding a preggo costume that I like), it was fun to be at a party where there were many people my age and that I could actually talk to. Erin came by and picked Ginger up, so I could have fun without worrying about her.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Virginia Update

So Josh's last day at the Boise Micron will be November 8th and he will start in Virginia on the 24th of November so we should be flying out on the 17th or 18th. Yeah we decided to fly, it'll be cheaper and Ginger should only be crabby for 1 day instead of 4-5 days, which I'm kinda bummed cuz' driving would of been cool. Maybe when Ginger and the new baby gets older. Or when we retire. As most of you have probably been wondering if we'll be close to Dani and we will not in the same town but definately close enough to visit, which is amazing. We don't know what city we'll be moving to, probably Manassas at first because we'll be taking up temporary housing that Micron will pay for for 60 days or until our house sells (hopefully the latter). We just put our house on the market and it now seems scary real. Strange cuz' there is no packing going on here (LOVING THAT!!!). I'm thrilled and nervous and scared all at the same time. Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about this and of course I'm going to be sad. I'll cry probably the whole trip over and the first couple of weeks. I've already warned Josh that no matter how many tears I shed or whatever words come out my mouth (I might say some nasty things about being in Virginia and him taking me away from my family, dramatic I know) I don't regret this decision, I'm pregnant and emotional, so just bear with me. WE'RE GOING TO VIRGINIA!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Blankie!

Holy crap I have no idea what I'm going to do!! Gingers favorite blanket is basically falling apart!! Maybe Ginger's great-grammy can make her another one ;). Almost every member in my family has had a blanket and Ginger does now, she loves it, she can't go to bed without it. I don't know what to do, she has started to unravel it and I have no idea how she does that, I think she rubs it between her fingers and when I find it I just tie it off so it'll stop, last night though I noticed that a chunk was starting to unravel and I tried to stop it and we'll see if it works. Josh asked me what we were going to do, because a time will come where it'll be gone, and I said maybe transfer her corner onto another blanket. I never thought I would have a child who was a blankie baby but I guess it's in the family blood.

The Maze!!

Yesterday we went to a corn maze, mostly for Ginger, and boy did she have some fun, if they didn't have a jumping thing and a slide it wouldn't of been worth it though. Ginger loved the jumping pillow. She would just bounce along like crazy and the slide was HUGE and she went very fast down it and of course loved that. She cried when we took her away from it to do the maze (heck it was 8 bucks and only because tuesday is 2 for 1) she loved being able to run around and tell us which way to go, it got really cold though (40s) and she kept falling cuz' it was dark by then, so we just hurried through it so she could go back to the slide and jumping pillow. The second time around wasn't nearly as fun for her, there were to many big kids jumping around on it and she couldn't stay on her feet, funny for me and Josh but not her. I laughed so hard I was crying, she was to freaking cute on that jumping pillow, I took some pics but it's really hard to get a good one of a jumping 2yr old.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's decided

We are moving to Virginia!! In about 4 weeks!! EEEK!! I'm pretty excited about it, and definately nervous. Micron is transferring Josh over there and we have absolutely no reason to turn it down, espcially since his job will be more secure there than here. It's amazing, it's happening so quick. I will have to find ANOTHER doctor, ANOTHER hospital, and our insurance will change as well. What a pregnancy. We have a lot of details to work out, but it'll be fine. One thing I don't have to worry about is packing. That's right I don't have to pack my house, Micron will hire a mover they will come in and pack everything for us, how freaking awesome is that?!?! It'll be weird knowing we're moving but not having to walk around boxes. I'm going to miss my family like something terrible, but this opportunity is just to great to pass up. Also no one here will be able to see this new baby and that's sad. We'll be driving there which I know sounds crazy, but I think it'll be kinda cool to drive cross country. We'll get to see so much. I just hope Ginger won't be to terrible. I won't be here for christmas with my family and that just breaks my heart, I tear up just thinking about it, there is just no way we could afford it, and even if we could driving and flying is out of the question that far along in my pregnancy. I'm going to be a mess this holiday season. On to new adventures for the Hansen family.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Fate!!

I don't know if any of you have heard about what's been going on here in Idaho but Boise's largest employer (Micron) is doing lay offs, now why should I care you might be thinking, well that's where Josh works!! And he may be one to be laid off. Right now they are taking volunteers until the 19th then no more. They are getting rid of a Fab here and 1500 employees out of the 3,000 + will be laid off and Josh works in that Fab. Now I'm hoping he won't be laid off because of the baby and we really need the insurance but if he does we'll be fine, stressed, but fine. And if he doesn't get laid off then he's going to continue to look for a new job anyways. Last year Micron also did lay offs (Josh was never in any danger that time). It seems that no one around us knows just how serious this is. They think he's safe or we'll be fine (which we will) but since most places are laying off or not hiring we'll have to move, sell our house who knows. I'm with my hubby no matter what he decides, if he takes a job in Timbuktu then I'm not going to fight it. But I will be here in Idaho till after the baby is born, there is no way I'm switching doctors AGAIN!! I just hate not knowing what's going to happen I try not to think about it now. I already had a breakdown on Friday, I'm talking hysterical crying on and off for a couple of hours, Josh was at work so he didn't get to witness his crazy preggo wife in hysterics. And since my little breakdown I'm much better now. What we're doing now is lots of research. I'll keep you updated.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my Aunt Shelli, so here goes -- seven wacky/unusual things you may not know about me:
1. I love to drink hot water. I know its weird and everyone else thinks so too, but I love it.
2. I don't like being snuggled at night because I toss and turn until I fall asleep, but my hubby can fall asleep within minutes so I have to shove him over so I can have room and be comfy.
3. I always think I'm a dog type person, but I'm really not. I like dogs but I prefer them better if someone else owns them.
4. I like to buy books instead of "renting" them even though I only read most of them only once (I'm trying to correct this problem)
5. I like hanging out with my mom. She is one of my best friends and life wouldn't be the same if she and I weren't close the way we are now. It also breaks my heart when I hear of other daughters who aren't close to their moms or don't like them.
6. I've known my husband since I was 16, but at that time I was dating his best friend and he was dating mine. We started dating when I was 18.
7. I'm a little OCD when it comes to the laundry, it has to be folded a certain way and hung up in the closet a certain way, if Josh helps me out with this he always hangs them up wrong and it bugs me so I just have to go back and fix it.
Everybody that I know has already been tagged.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Training

Potty training sucks!! It just takes so long. I'm not really doing it with Ginger because of the new baby on the way, but I'm not stopping her if she tells me she has to go. Every passing week we are having more success at it, and that's cool, it almost seems she will be by the time the baby is here. As much as I want her out of diapers by the time the baby comes, I'm not counting on it. I'm very proud of my little girl though. Today... she did a poopy in the potty!! this one was all by herself, I took her diaper off to see if she would do it and she did!! You know its amazing what mothers have come to be proud of, I never thought that poop would be one for me. I really need to just let her go around the house naked and see what happens there. Go Ginger!! Heck go me!! I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I got my 2 year old to go poopie in the potty!!! Just feeling a little smug here :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Favorite Things

Sleeping in! Espcially with this new baby on the way I don't have much time for that and I'm always tired so an extra hour or two would be nice.

Snuggling with Ginger- She doesn't let me do it often so when she does I cherish it.

Having Josh home, just having him around the house and not at work makes me happy, knowing I can go and bug him anytime I want is very cool.

Thursday nights at my moms, I love going to my moms on Thursdays it's my favorite day of the week. I get a break from Ginger cuz' my mom and Madison are there to help me take care of her and I get some adult time.

All of Ginger's favorite cartoons, I love that I can put them on for her so I can get things done without her bugging the crap out of me.

My TV shows! I love my shows, there is something on every night that I want to watch, Josh hates that about me but he just has to deal, cuz' I love my TV and I am the ruler of the TV.

Showering by myself. I know that doesn't sound like much but Ginger LOVES to shower with me and I'm not a big fan of it cuz' she hogs the shower and its hard to shave my legs with her there cuz' she likes to wipe the cream off my legs and then eat it (i know she's an odd one) so I only get to shave my legs maybe once a week, poor hubby.

Getting a new book!!! I love getting a new book, whether online or at the store its like christmas for me everytime. I can't wait to read it and get another!! I just love books!!

Naptime and bedtime. Need I say more?

Kissing Ginger's boo-boos, knowing that my kiss has the power to heal her is pretty cool. Everytime she hurts herself she comes up to me and I'll kiss it better and off she goes again. Hopefully nothing serious will happen and my kisses won't work, I want the illusion to last as long as possible.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Matt and Desi's Wedding

I was going through the photos on the computer trying to find some pics of Ginger (couldn't so I need to take more of her) and came across my own pictures of Matt and Desi's wedding. I know it was 6 months ago but I don't think any of you have seen some pics of it so I'm posting some. They may be blurry and weird cuz' at first my batterys were dying then other people were using it and changing the menu thing that changes the photo, but here you are.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Much

I know it's been awhile since I've last blogged but not much has been going on with me. Josh is now on his regular shift (3 on, 4 off and vice versa) so that's a relief. The 2 weeks straight was rough. I'm not a single parent but those 2 weeks felt like I was and made me very grateful for my husband. Erin came back up from Coloardo a couple weeks ago for her b-day. And it was great seeing her again. I miss her and Alex terribly (as does Ginger). I can't wait to see her again. Grey's Anatomy started up again!!! YEAH!!! I love that show. And the best part is I always go to my mom's house to watch it (well I go to her house every Thursday night anyways, what can I say I'm a mama's girl and I'm not afraid to admit it). Desi came with me to my moms house to watch the premier so that was nice. We haven't seen her in a bit so it was nice to get to visit with her too. I've just been home lazing around not really doing much. Ginger has hit her terrible twos with FULL force!! and its just driving me crazy almost everyday there is tantrum and I just think to myself holy crap can I handle another kid??? i don't know but we'll see. If Ginger isn't making me want to pull all my hair out and run upstairs to wake Josh up so he can deal with her, she is making me laugh and smile all day long. Right now my favorite is when she runs up to me and says "I fick you mommy?" (which is I flick you mommy) yes she does say that which means I say that to her WAY to much, but I don't actually flick her unless she says yes, that's fair right? The baby is growing and getting bigger and more active than ever before it's great and annoying at the same time more annoying since she's the most active at night when I'm trying to sleep. Well I guess that's all that's been going on so far with us.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Smell Fall!!!

I love Idaho!! It's such a great state. One thing that I love is that we actually get all the seasons here!! I love it. This past week you can feel the Autumn Season in the air. It just makes me giddy like a child to think about it. Fall is a great time. You can stay warm with jeans and long shirts or sweatshirts. The air smells and feels crisp. I could just sit outside with a book and something hot to drink for hours. Its a wonderful time for me. It always brings all the holidays that much closer. I love the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. There is nothing like having a small child to really enjoy these holidays and see them for what they really are, fun, exciting and filled with love. I just love Fall!!

Night Shift

I hate the night shift! My husband is now going to be working the night shift for the next 4 months and that just bites. At his work you work the day shift, 6:30am-6:30pm, for 4 months and then the night shift, 6:30pm-6:30am, for 4 months. It's a good idea actually that way no one is stuck in the same shift they don't like, they just have to deal for 4 months. It's weird in my house without Josh in it. It seems very empty. And since it's at night, I get a little spooked. It has its plus side though. Like I can hog the bed now!! And I can watch whatever I want on the TV (although I do that anyways). I always forget how lonely I get with him going to work at night. I also worry, cuz' he's so tired when he gets off work, I'm afraid he'll get in an accident. I'm going to be a nervous wreck when winter comes and the roads are icy and covered in snow. January can't come soon enough now!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maternity Clothes!

I've decided I hate buying maternity clothes!! All it is is a horrible shopping experience. I get cranky and upset cuz' the pants aren't in my size or are to short for me or the belly panel covers the whole belly and I don't like it that way. Also they are freaking expensive. I don't even buy my non-preggo pants for 30-40 bucks (I'm a walmart girl)!! And I should do that for something I'm going to wear for only a little while? I don't think so. Shirts are also hard for me to find cuz' those also fit me funny cuz' my belly doesn't get to big so they are always loose fitting on me and I like mine to be more form fitting. So I try to find clothes in the juniors department (yes, that's where I shop) the pants are almost perfect for me they're long enough, and low enough (hip huggers or low rise) I just have to buy them a size or two up from my normal size. And the shirts they are coming out with actually look like they could be maternity shirts. It's just a very frustrating experience for me. When I find out I'm pregnant I get so excited and looking at those clothes thrills me and then I realize that these won't be clothes I'll get to wear when I'm "big" cuz' it'll be a different season and then when I do get farther along I remember why my previous maternity wardrobe was so scarce cuz' the choices for my pickiness is crap. My maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Ginger are summer clothes, capris, tank tops, shorts. And this baby is due in January. Holy crap. I practically need everything clothes wise for this pregnancy. I know Josh isn't happy about me having to buy new clothes, he wants me to wear my old ones ALL the time (tank tops in the dead of winter here??) I feel like he just wants to look horrible and feel bad about myself. I guess I could wear my PJ's day in and day out from now until January 21st. Sorry about this little rant I'm just feeling a little "blah" today, my whole wardrobe is starting to uncomfortable on me and since I don't have the proper clothes that fit me, I just feel fat instead of pregnant. I'm in a mood. I hope it goes away soon, I hate feeling like this and I know if I'm still feeling this way when Josh walks through the door after work, he's going to be on the receiving end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best Pic EVER!!!

This is the best picture I've ever taken of her!! I can't believe that I even caught it with the camera. I was taking pics of her cuz' I did her hair pretty and I wanted some pics and she didn't want to. Seconds before I took this she was actually pouting with her back turned to me and then BAM!! She turns around and I get this shot!! I was pretty freaking excited when I saw it. I just love it!!!

20 Weeks- Halfway done!!

Woohoo!! Today marked my 20th week being pregnant and that means that I am halfway done!!! YEAH!! That's exciting. I can't believe that 20 weeks have gone by already. It feels like it's gone by so fast. I guess having a 2yr old to take care of at home will do that to you. I can't wait till she gets here. I'm so anxious to hold her and cuddle her. It's amazing how different this planned pregnancy is different from the unplanned one with Ginger. Like I could talk about it all the time. With Ginger it was a bit of sore subject for a while, only until it seemed more "real" to us, like seeing her via ultrasound and then being able to feel her move. Don't get me wrong we both love Ginger and couldn't imagine our life without her. But having her so soon after we were married was not in our plans. It took awhile to get used to. This one however has been nothing but exciting, yes even through the puking and fatiuge, which I can't seem to get rid of. The test also came back and it's negative or more accurately I have a 1 in 22,000 chance of having a downs baby. Whew! Glad the wait is over. I'm ready for the next 20 weeks to come and go!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can I have your attention please??

IT'S A GIRL!!! I had my ultrasound today and it's definately a girl. Josh and my mom were there, as well as Ginger (who wouldn't sit still). I knew it was going to be girl from the beginning, we have some members of the family who will be disappointed that it's not a boy but oh well. I'm thrilled. I love little girls!! I already have one so I know what to do with one. And I saved all of Ginger's clothes so I'll be able to re-use them on this kid. So I'm happy. I'm pretty sure Josh is, but I don't know. He had to go back to work right after it was done. I know that he wanted a boy just because we already had a girl. But his girls are daddy's girls. During the exam they did find one thing. It was calcium deposit in the heart. No big deal it won't hurt the baby in-utero or once it's born, but it is a characteristic of downs syndrome. So I had to take the blood test that will tell me if my baby girl has a high risk for it and will need further testing or not. I'll know in a week. I don't think she will but knowing that that possiblilty is there, is a little scary. I'm 98% positive my baby will be fine but that 2% has me a little worried. I'm so grateful that my mom was there to reassure me that it's just a precaution not a dianosis and that she let me go over to her house to hang out until I was a little more calm.

It's a girl!!

Isn't this a nice profile of her? I love it!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Party!

So we had Ginger's b-day party yesterday, and it went pretty well, I think the only sucky part was that not a lot of kids were there. But Madison was, so all was good in Ginger's world! Who am I kidding my girl is an attention HOG!! She loves it, wants it, gots to have it. She thought that having all those people there was the coolest thing ever. She would go around the whole room and get the family to pay attention to her. Once we got to the presents she just dug right in. The difference from last year to this year is amazing. I can't wait till Christmas!! Every gift she opened she would 'ooooo' over and then immediately go show Grammy (my mom). It was cute. And she wanted me to open all her toys so she could play with right away. Ginger is also such a girly girl, it kinda amazes me. Her favorite present was dress up high heels from my mom. She loved them. She loves shoes. Everytime we go to Grammy's house she would go to grammy's closet and find the bright red spike heel shoes and wear them around the house. The new clothes that she opened was replied with "pretty cute". She was very happy to wear them today. She didn't care much for the cake and ice cream, which is surprising cuz' that's her favorite thing at parties, she just wanted to go play with Madison. All in all it was a good party.

People who were there: me, josh, my mom, madison, josh's mom and her boyfriend, josh's dad and his wife, josh's grandma and her husband, josh's sister and her husband, my friend (known her since high school) and her husband, and matt and desi with their kids (but they didn't show until much later). And they all love Ginger!!