Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joe's B-day

On Saturday we were invited to spend the day at Dani and Brents and celebrate Joe's 4th birthday. It was so fun! Dani made a yummy cake (I didn't take any pics of it so she'll have to post them) it was so cute too! The kids had so much fun playing together. The bully was there, but it was all good. (he knocked down Zoey and hit Ginger in the face and kept taking Joe's new birthday presents)I'm glad he's not my kid. Asher Ginger couldn't of been more happy to be there. And to top it all off we stayed the night. Ginger and her cousins loved it. I did to.

Valentine's Day

Oh what a day Valentine's Day was. It was my first year doing a special breakfast for the family. And let me tell you... I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Just watching them when the first saw it was so worth the effort. I'm still new at it so I didn't do as a faboulous job as my mom did when I was growing up. But every year I hope to be better. And I couldn't find the candy red hot hearts anywhere! Dani says that they are hard to locate so when you find them buy them on the spot and then you'll have them for next year. I'll be looking everytime I go to the store. Heart shaped pancakes and juice for breakfast, but for this year, it was more than enough to please my babies.

This is my Valentine's Day shirt that I made :)

Here's the back.

More Snow Pics

We took this pic of a random house with a random family all working and playing together to clear out the snow. We thought it was fun/sweet.

You can see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the US Capitol. This pic was taken at the Iwo Jima Memorial. Pretty huh?

Here are some more snow pics that I had from the crazy storm we had a couple weeks ago. The snow is slowly starting to melt and we're starting to finally see some grass! Yippee!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A what Sandwich??

Thursday Ginger and Zoey were playing and getting along great (woohoo!!) when I heard Ginger repeatedly saying to Zoey "You want a ??? sandwich?" and she's saying this in a sweet voice you talk to babies in and she just kept saying it, and that's when I realize she's saying "You want a knuckle sandwich?" I was just like what? where'd she get that? when I hear her ask Zoey that one more time and then Ginger winds up her arm and then punches Zoey in the head. I was speechless... I couldn't believe what I just saw (not the hitting itself but how it was executed, come on they're sisters this wasn't the first punch thrown). I put Ginger in time out. Zoey didn't even waste her breath or her tears. And I struggled to keep poker face so that Ginger wouldn't see me almost breakdown and bust up laughing. Knuckle Sandwich... they learn so early these days.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekends... where'd you go?

Weekends have been sucking it up for me here lately. In January the first weekend was fine a whole new year and everything. The next... we went to philly. It was great. We had a blast and we learned tons at the seminar. The next Ginger got Scarlet Fever, the one after that Ginger had some stomach bug, the one after that we were snowed in (not heavily, I really hate driving in the snow) and now this weekend. Snowed in AGAIN and this time quite literally. Man, I'm feeling a little cabin feverish. Taking the girls out for a winter walk isn't quite enough since they are done in about 10 mins. I'm ready for the warmth of spring to sneak in. I'm ready to be thawed out. I want to take the girls to an actual park and have play themselves to exhaustion.

Snow Globe 2010

Oh boy! It has been snowing like crazy here on the East Coast. Gotta say I kinda like it. I'm glad I don't need to drive in it though! We've gotten like 2 ft. That's just insane! It took Josh like an hour to dig out our car. Then he helped a lady out with hers then moved the cars to a plowed parking space. It's beautiful out there. So quiet and clean looking. It's just amazing. Josh took Ginger out to go sledding. Well she didn't really like. What 3 yr old doesn't like sledding? Maybe tomorrow we'll go walk around in it.

These are pictures from the 1, 3 and 5, 6, it's been a snow crazy week!

2/06/10 Josh took Ginger out to play in the snow with the boogie board
2/06/10 So clean looking
2/06/10 It's just gorgeous
2/06/10 So much snow!
2/03/10 Me and Zoey... Snow Bunnies!!
2/03/10 Zoey loved walking on the sidewalk, but get her on the snow... she hated it!
2/01/10 Making a snow angel

2/01/10 I had to hold her most of the time to get her to walk in the snow :)