Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Much

I know it's been awhile since I've last blogged but not much has been going on with me. Josh is now on his regular shift (3 on, 4 off and vice versa) so that's a relief. The 2 weeks straight was rough. I'm not a single parent but those 2 weeks felt like I was and made me very grateful for my husband. Erin came back up from Coloardo a couple weeks ago for her b-day. And it was great seeing her again. I miss her and Alex terribly (as does Ginger). I can't wait to see her again. Grey's Anatomy started up again!!! YEAH!!! I love that show. And the best part is I always go to my mom's house to watch it (well I go to her house every Thursday night anyways, what can I say I'm a mama's girl and I'm not afraid to admit it). Desi came with me to my moms house to watch the premier so that was nice. We haven't seen her in a bit so it was nice to get to visit with her too. I've just been home lazing around not really doing much. Ginger has hit her terrible twos with FULL force!! and its just driving me crazy almost everyday there is tantrum and I just think to myself holy crap can I handle another kid??? i don't know but we'll see. If Ginger isn't making me want to pull all my hair out and run upstairs to wake Josh up so he can deal with her, she is making me laugh and smile all day long. Right now my favorite is when she runs up to me and says "I fick you mommy?" (which is I flick you mommy) yes she does say that which means I say that to her WAY to much, but I don't actually flick her unless she says yes, that's fair right? The baby is growing and getting bigger and more active than ever before it's great and annoying at the same time more annoying since she's the most active at night when I'm trying to sleep. Well I guess that's all that's been going on so far with us.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Smell Fall!!!

I love Idaho!! It's such a great state. One thing that I love is that we actually get all the seasons here!! I love it. This past week you can feel the Autumn Season in the air. It just makes me giddy like a child to think about it. Fall is a great time. You can stay warm with jeans and long shirts or sweatshirts. The air smells and feels crisp. I could just sit outside with a book and something hot to drink for hours. Its a wonderful time for me. It always brings all the holidays that much closer. I love the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. There is nothing like having a small child to really enjoy these holidays and see them for what they really are, fun, exciting and filled with love. I just love Fall!!

Night Shift

I hate the night shift! My husband is now going to be working the night shift for the next 4 months and that just bites. At his work you work the day shift, 6:30am-6:30pm, for 4 months and then the night shift, 6:30pm-6:30am, for 4 months. It's a good idea actually that way no one is stuck in the same shift they don't like, they just have to deal for 4 months. It's weird in my house without Josh in it. It seems very empty. And since it's at night, I get a little spooked. It has its plus side though. Like I can hog the bed now!! And I can watch whatever I want on the TV (although I do that anyways). I always forget how lonely I get with him going to work at night. I also worry, cuz' he's so tired when he gets off work, I'm afraid he'll get in an accident. I'm going to be a nervous wreck when winter comes and the roads are icy and covered in snow. January can't come soon enough now!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Maternity Clothes!

I've decided I hate buying maternity clothes!! All it is is a horrible shopping experience. I get cranky and upset cuz' the pants aren't in my size or are to short for me or the belly panel covers the whole belly and I don't like it that way. Also they are freaking expensive. I don't even buy my non-preggo pants for 30-40 bucks (I'm a walmart girl)!! And I should do that for something I'm going to wear for only a little while? I don't think so. Shirts are also hard for me to find cuz' those also fit me funny cuz' my belly doesn't get to big so they are always loose fitting on me and I like mine to be more form fitting. So I try to find clothes in the juniors department (yes, that's where I shop) the pants are almost perfect for me they're long enough, and low enough (hip huggers or low rise) I just have to buy them a size or two up from my normal size. And the shirts they are coming out with actually look like they could be maternity shirts. It's just a very frustrating experience for me. When I find out I'm pregnant I get so excited and looking at those clothes thrills me and then I realize that these won't be clothes I'll get to wear when I'm "big" cuz' it'll be a different season and then when I do get farther along I remember why my previous maternity wardrobe was so scarce cuz' the choices for my pickiness is crap. My maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Ginger are summer clothes, capris, tank tops, shorts. And this baby is due in January. Holy crap. I practically need everything clothes wise for this pregnancy. I know Josh isn't happy about me having to buy new clothes, he wants me to wear my old ones ALL the time (tank tops in the dead of winter here??) I feel like he just wants to look horrible and feel bad about myself. I guess I could wear my PJ's day in and day out from now until January 21st. Sorry about this little rant I'm just feeling a little "blah" today, my whole wardrobe is starting to uncomfortable on me and since I don't have the proper clothes that fit me, I just feel fat instead of pregnant. I'm in a mood. I hope it goes away soon, I hate feeling like this and I know if I'm still feeling this way when Josh walks through the door after work, he's going to be on the receiving end.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Best Pic EVER!!!

This is the best picture I've ever taken of her!! I can't believe that I even caught it with the camera. I was taking pics of her cuz' I did her hair pretty and I wanted some pics and she didn't want to. Seconds before I took this she was actually pouting with her back turned to me and then BAM!! She turns around and I get this shot!! I was pretty freaking excited when I saw it. I just love it!!!

20 Weeks- Halfway done!!

Woohoo!! Today marked my 20th week being pregnant and that means that I am halfway done!!! YEAH!! That's exciting. I can't believe that 20 weeks have gone by already. It feels like it's gone by so fast. I guess having a 2yr old to take care of at home will do that to you. I can't wait till she gets here. I'm so anxious to hold her and cuddle her. It's amazing how different this planned pregnancy is different from the unplanned one with Ginger. Like I could talk about it all the time. With Ginger it was a bit of sore subject for a while, only until it seemed more "real" to us, like seeing her via ultrasound and then being able to feel her move. Don't get me wrong we both love Ginger and couldn't imagine our life without her. But having her so soon after we were married was not in our plans. It took awhile to get used to. This one however has been nothing but exciting, yes even through the puking and fatiuge, which I can't seem to get rid of. The test also came back and it's negative or more accurately I have a 1 in 22,000 chance of having a downs baby. Whew! Glad the wait is over. I'm ready for the next 20 weeks to come and go!!!