Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wiggle It!!

So our girls love to dance and that love has started since they were little. I actually captured Zoey's first grin in the video. How cool is that?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pics of Zoey

We just love our girls!!!

Church going

So we went to church yesterday and it was actually pretty good. I was a little scared to go because Josh couldn't come with me so I had to deal with the kids by myself. But Zoey slept the whole time and Ginger was great during sacrament also church started at 9 am!! Holy cow that's early, espcially with a newborn. But we did it and Ginger loved nursery she learned how to pray :) so cute I had to take a pic of her showing me how she prayed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the prize goes too.....

ME!!! That's right this a gift from Josh (and me) to me!!! Why you ask do I get this awesome gift when it's not my birthday or mother's day or valentines day?? Because I quit smoking and am still smoke free!! That's right everyone tomorrow will be 10 weeks of being smoke free!! I'm awesome and completely proud of myself. Although I know that I couldn't of done without Josh and the move to Virginia has had a HUGE role in it also. GO ME!!!

Girls Night

So Sunday night Josh finally went back to work and I was a little sad ( I cried a little) and anxious, it was going to my first night without Josh there to help with the girls EEK!! Well it turned out I had nothing to worry about, they were great. Ginger just cuddled with me and Zoey it was nice and quiet. Just what I needed to give me confidence that I could be a good mom with 2 kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009


My mom thought it would be cute to see if Zoey would fit in Gingers baby doll stroller and then let Ginger push her around the apartment. It was fine for a little bit but then near the end Ginger decided it would be fun to RUN with her. Scary.

Zoey and Sammy

Here are some pics of Zoey and Sammy together that I took when we went and visited them when my mom came to visit. They are 46 hrs apart, and sooooooo cute.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grammy Comes to Town

That's right my mom came to visit this past week and it was so AWESOME!!! I can't believe that she's already come and gone. I loved having her here and watching her spend time with my girls. She came at a perfect time cuz' that weekend she was here we moved apartments. We did a few things while she was here like going to Brent and Dani's and DC we also went to the smithonia(sp?) musem(sp?) of natural history (i think my brain is dying i can't seem to spell worth crap, wait that's lack of sleep doing that) It was great going to see Brent and Dani again (and we'll do more often now that babies have born) and I loved watching my mom and Dani together. How great was it for them to have some sister time?? And of course we went to DC, how can she be this close to it and not go??? So we went and even though it was fricking cold outside we enjoyed ourselves. (except for a little cramping near the end, i was fine) and then the musem was AWESOME!!! Ive never been to one before and we only went to ONE of MANY in the area and it was great (ask my mom to show you the pic of her next to the HOPE DIAMOND), even Ginger enjoyed herself. They had a live butterfly exhibit which was amazing!! Mom had one land on her head and then just chill there till a worker brushed it off when we were leaving, pretty neat. Seeing her go home was just as sad I miss her teribbly. One memory I wil always remember is when we were on our way to the airport in a hurry due to some lolly gagging around at some winerys here we REALLY had to pee so we made Josh pull over at a 7-Eleven just .9 miles away from the airport so we could go (it was seriously that bad) when we got inside we were told that they didn't have public restrooms AHHHH!! A man there saw our desperation and told us that the restaraunt nextdoor had a restroom we thanked him and went there and got a heck of a lot more than we bargained for, it turned out to be a strip club/restaraunt!!! Yup seriously I was a little freaked out, I've never been in one before, I thought it was just a little club until i saw the lady on the stage (still clothed) doing her thing. HOLY MOLY!! Mom thought it was pretty cool, which it was I guess, and when we were leaving she was down to her panties and pasteys, Josh was a little jealous :) Mom wanted to take some pictures of the Virginia strip club, Good times :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Zoey Lynn

Zoey Lynn Hansen was born Dec. 30 at 4:39 am. I had a doctor appointment, she told me to go do another ultrasound, and basically it was the same as the last two, the baby wasn't growing well, so it was either be induced that night or go on strict bedrest till the following monday and be induced then, I chose right then, I can't do strict bedrest for one week. I could barely do it period. So after 6 hrs of labor, she came into the world, with basically no probs, the docs were a little worried about her breathing, but she was fine. She ended up staying the full 48 hrs cuz' she was so little and then another day cuz' of jaundice, but we are home now and SOOOOOO happy to be here. We've missed Ginger and Josh.