Friday, September 17, 2010

Ginger's B-Day!

Guess who turned 4!! Yup, Ginger did. 4 days after we got home from Idaho. So that didn't leave me with much time to plan anything or shop, but that's okay. I made a cake and invited one of her best friends for cake and ice cream. She was in heaven! This was her first birthday without any family around, so it was more sad for me and Josh. I'm sure she didn't notice. She loved the clothes that me and Josh got her. Especially her spongebob panties, she did specifically ask for them for her birthday. I was glad I was able to make that dream come true :). She truly had a wonderful day. I'm so blessed to have such a girl as her to be my daughter.

here are four things that I love about her:

1. She loves her sister
2. She's outgoing
3. She loves to be silly with me or dad or uncle
4. She starts preschool

Ginger and her best friend Samantha!

Trip to Idaho 2010

Yup this is our classic Ginger! (how cute would of this been if the finger wasn't there??)

I know it's been a while since I've been back, but I think it's about time I wrote down everything and shared with all of you. Me and the girls flew down to Idaho a full two weeks before Josh was to join us. It's always hard traveling with kids but doing it by yourself makes it a little harder. This time I kept my stroller with me and checked it at the gate and boy was that great! It made going through the airports soooo much easier. Especially since we had a 3 hour layover. The kids did great on the plane rides. A little crazy on the first flight but then slept through the second (which was the longest one). It was so great to see everyone. Of course I cried, and of course Zoey clung to me like she was paper and I was glue. We had many things going on while we were there. Josh's side of the family had a family reunion and his mom got re-married. I tried my best to visit as much as possible and see as many people as I could. We also hit up the waterpark while we there. Ginger LOVED it! It was so much fun seeing her light up and enjoy the day. Zoey loved it, as long as I was always within her sight. She kept falling in the water and would end up floating on her back with the life jacket and Ginger would look at her and laugh and say "mommy look zoey's swimming!" she wasn't she just couldn't get back up to a standing position. After a while Zoey was doing it on purpose. Of course my kids LOVED their cousins! It was like we were never gone. Zoey's most favorite person was Madison. Boy did she love her. Ginger's most favorite was staying the night at unce Matt's house. I loved hanging out with Matt and Desi, we also did a camping trip up in Cascade, Idaho. It was beautiful! I sure missed the land of Idaho. As gorgeous Virginia is, it doesn't really compare with Idaho's mountains. And seeing the new babies... OMGosh!! They are so flipping adorable. And of course they love me! :) Ginger and Zoey loved their new baby cousins. I so want one now, and Josh thought that holding the babies would help with my baby hunger, hahaha. The family reunion was a little intimidating to me since I hardly knew anyone. But I guess that was what Josh felt like at my family reunion back in 2007! We had a lot of late nights and great days. It was so fun to have everyone see how much my girls had changed since we've gone.

I feel like I've missed a lot but I haven't really, I mean we were busy but it was mostly just hanging out! Which is what I wanted to more than anything.