Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I signed Ginger up for this Music and Movement class they meet evey wednesday from 10-11 am. They dance a little and do a art project and it's only $30 a month so I went ahead and did it. And I couldn't be any happier with my decison. She LOVES it. The first class I couldn't leave. She went crazy when I left. :( poor girl. So I stayed and watched. She was a little shy but that's to be expected from her first class. I got a couple pictures from it. But they're a little blurry cuz' they moved around alot. She went to her third week of dance today and she didn't even have to tell me good bye. The teachers tell me she's participating more and more. And she's only asked for me once.

Getting ready to do their art project. It was a butterfly.
Skipping (more like running for Ginger)

Trick or Treat

So earlier last week I was taking the trash out (growl...) and I was about to throw away the gallon ice cream bucket but I decided last minute I would make Ginger's halloween trick or treat bucket. And I think it turned out pretty good. I pretty much spent the amount it would of taken to just buy one for the supplies but I've gotten imense satisfaction every time I look at it. And I think Josh likes it too. Ginger sure does. She can't play with it till trick or treat time.

The top of the bucket!! You put the treats in it here. Cute huh??

So it obviously has some flaws but not enough for Ginger to care and not enough for me to not be proud of it. For a first time ever project I LOVE IT!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ginger says...

As we were shopping in target the other day she decides to hide in the clothes, no big deal EVERY child has done that. But it bugs me. Even more so when she doesn't answer me and I end up screaming her name. Anyways I finally got her out of the clothes and tell her it's time to go she says "yes your highness" it even sounded a little sarcasmy.

Zoey coughs Ginger says "cover your mouth Zo-Zo"

Zoey is getting ready to chew on Gingers favorite blanket corner and Ginger says "that's my corner honey" in voice that you would use talking to babies.

I just thought those were to cute to not share them with everyone. There just might be more of these to come.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Saturday morning was spent in the ER with Zoey. She got 2nd degree burns on her jaw, shoulder and forearm. It was a scary terrifying couple of hours but she'll be fine. We were getting ready to take a drive through West Virginia and Josh had put my coffee in the thermos and the strap of it was hanging down and the cap wasn't on it yet. Zoey decided to pull herself up and grab it, it came crashing down on her. So scalding hot coffee soaked her. Josh rinsed her off the best he could. I grabbed and pulled her clothes off and got a cool washcloth (she HATED that), called my mom and told that it was just red she said to watch and if it blisters take her in. One minute later I noticed she was peeling skin, so a blister had formed then popped. I called my mom again she said to take her in and get her checked. At that point all I could see was mostly red and some peeled skin. When we got there we were sent immediatley to the back (so I knew it was kinda bad) and the nurses (like 5 of them) were surrounding us and I finally got a real good look at Zoey and it was bad she had alot of bubbles along her skin I couldn't help but start crying. I felt so helpless. Zoey was just screaming, she hurt so bad. Nothing I did could do would calm her down. We were lucky though, I know your thinking how could we have been lucky? Well when we first got there Zoey's face was beet red so the doctor thought she had burned her face as well. And they don't like those. She would of been sent to the Children's hospital in DC were they know how to treat burns. Which was the only hospital within the whole DC area that could. But once the drugs kicked in for Zoey and she was calm and in no pain there were no burns on her face, well some first degree on her forehead. So she didn't have to go there. After a couple of hours in the ER we were able to go home. So yes I think we were really lucky that as bad as it was we know it could of been a whole lot worse. We need to follow up with the DC burn clinic on Monday. She looks SOOOOO much better this morning. She's herself. I'm still a little shaken and I still tear up thinking about it.

Caution!!!! These photos may be to graphic for the younger readers!!!!!