Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Water Fight- Idaho

The day that I arrived in Idaho all the siblings came over to hang out and catch up on things with me. Austing and Matt had gone to the store for some last minute things and Austin also got some water guns for all the kids. He was so funny about it. He filled them all up with water and told them to go line up outside cuz' they were in so much trouble. Poor Madison and Kaitlin were so confused!! No one knew what the heck was going on, some of the little ones were near tears. Then he finally pulled the guns out and they had a blast. Grammy had to teach Ginger how to use hers, she never fully got it though. It was fun to see the kids having so much fun.

Obviously Grammy needs to watch what she says!!!

Girls Day- Idaho

While I was in Idaho I really wanted to visit the Ste. Chappelle winery. They don't sell that wine here and I've never really tasted anything that was quite as delicious as them. So my good friend Jessica came with me and Erin as well. And of course Ginger and Zoey. On the way there we had a good time just laughing and catching up. I kept missing the turn off to get there... Anyways once we got there it was just beautiful, a gorgeous place. When we got out of the car we were hearing this hissing noise coming from the car, Erin wanted to check it out before our tasting but I didn't really care the problem would be there when we got back... and sure enough it was, we had a flat!!! Actually the tire blew. Wow!! I was glad I waited till after the tasting dealing with it beforehand would of ruined it for me. So we set ourselves to change the tire (none of us had done it before) and we couldn't get the trunk open, so we call mom she just says to keep on trying it'll open. Okay so we get it open then we get the stuff we need and we got the tire off WOOHOO we are now feeling pretty good!! Next is to put the spare on it... it won't fit!! So we call mom again she says that yes it does (not nicely BTW she's got strep throat and doesn't want us calling her) so after a couple more tries we get it to fit!!!! YES we are woman warriors at this point... a man drove by and asked if we needed any help and of course we don't, we are rocking it!! we lower the car off the jack just in to realize that we put the lugnuts on backwards... CRAP. Finally after 15 mins of more work we did it. We changed a tire!!! We rocked it!! Of course if 3 grown capable women can't change one tire together... we're screwed for life!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home sweet home

So I've been home (Virginia) since Wednesday and as much as I loved being with my family and visting them I missed Josh and my own bed terribly. It was a great vacation. Definatley a break I very much needed. I hardly saw Ginger she was so busy playing with cousins, and the only time I got to hold Zoey was when she was hungry. It was great. I got to meet my dad's fiance'(they're getting married June 23). She seems nice enough and they both look sickly happy :) Just realized that I didn't take any pictures of her hmmm... think that means something? It was a little hard seeing all these huge changes that happened since I've moved here but I couldn't be any happier for them. Matt and Desi moved into a bigger house and are trying for a baby!!!! (i swear I'm more excited than them) Austin got back together with Colette and are doing great Erin is in her own apartment and doing it all on her own, I'm so proud of my baby sister!! I can't wait to see them in August again. Josh's family is doing great also not much has changed with them, his sister is trying for a baby as well!!! (again I swear I'm more excited than her) and his Grandpa finally has running water at his cabin in Cascade!! woohoo!! no more outhouse for us!!! Hopefully in August he does another family get together there (he does it every year). It was just a wonderful visit. Had so much fun. I'm going to an installment series of my trip, it's alot to write about.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On my way!!

3 Days and I'll be on my to Idaho!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited I can't wait. It's going to be just me and the girls and I'm a little nervous flying with the girls by myself but I think it'll be okay. We'll be doing another trip with Josh in August, but my mom has been missing me like crazy and wanted me to visit so dad and her are paying half the plane fare. My parents love me. :) Going to try to pack all of our stuff in 1 bag. Wish me luck with that.

On another note my dad called me last night and he's getting married!!! Can I just say weird?! I'm so happy for him and so thrilled that he's happy, but again it's weird. Just weird. I haven't met her yet but I'm told that I'll like her.

Here I come Idaho!!!