Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm freaking AMAZING!!! Did you see my header??? Did you?? Did you? I did it all by myself!!! Holy Crap, there is potential in me yet!! WooHoo!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Virginia Beach And Jamestown

After we went camping at Lake Anna we went to Virginia Beach, it wasn't that far away but traffic was a bit horrendous when we got close to the tunnel. Once there it was time for dinner, bath (kids hadn't bathed in two days by this time) and then bed. We found a hotel and settled down for the evening. The next day we went to the beach. And let me just say that it was the most perfect beach day EVER!!! It was hot outside and the water was deliciously cool and it took only like 2 seconds to get used to it and once out of the water you weren't shivering cold, you were still warm and wanting to go back in after a few min. It was AWESOME!!! After Virginia Beach we went to Jamestown. That was pretty neat. It was fee free weekend due to father's day. We saw the first glass house, and a glass blowing demonstration. That was cool, blowing glass would be a fun hobby. Then we were off to see the settlement. We didn't get to see the original foundations cuz' if left to the weather they would of withered away, but they did have markers that showed us. It was incredible to stand on that land, just amazing. I can't wait till the next time we go there. I'm more excited to go to the beach but Jamestown was just as beautiful.

Lake Anna

So last week we went camping at Lake Anna with Brent and Dani and can I just say AWESOME!!! We had so much fun we were only there for one night but it was great. We played at the lake all day and rode on there jet ski. I had never rode on one so it was AWESOME!!! They are offically my favorite aunt and uncle now (sorry to all the others :)) Brent took me tubing on the back of the jet ski and it was amazing. After we were done at the lake we went back to camp where I got bit by a horsefly (not fun) then had taco salad for dinner YUMMY!! In fact it was better than my moms (seriously mom, the sauce tastes better ;)) Once we finally got a fire going we sung campfire songs and made s'mores. The kids were begging for sleep by that time (so cute). It was so much fun to spend time with Brent and Dani. The lake was beautiful and the water was warm (a nuclear plant uses the water which is why it's warm, scary huh??). The fireflies were out and it was sooooooo pretty. It had been forever since I'd seen some and it was Josh's first time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a day

Yesterday was a wonderful day, seriously. It was quiet and peaceful, mostly. Zoey was great, she figured out how to roll herself around to get where she wants to. To cute. And Ginger was pretty good, we had a few meltdowns and her play shoes had to go to time out cuz' she wouldn't play with them properly. But she was full of love and showed it. I also think that since everyone got naps (WHOPPEE, Ginger napping is a VERY rare thing) we were all in a fabulous mood. I try to strive for a day where there is no yelling, no aruging, and no temper tantrums. And that never happens, but yesterday we came close. I couldn't of asked for a better day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poor Zoey

Already Zoey is getting picked on by her big sister as you can see:

Exhibit A:
Easter day, Ginger decided to use her as a sketch book with her new bunny pen. That's certainly what I would of chosen.

Exhibit B:

In Idaho Ginger used Zoey as a sticker book. Of course. I was told to NEVER leave Zoey alone.

Exhibit C:

Ginger finding her own way to get Zoey around. Oh gosh how I laughed (after my heart had started back beating again) when I looked into the living room to check on Zoey and she's GONE, then I just had to laugh. What else could I do?

Oh boy poor girl, but really she loves her big sister. Ginger is pretty much the number 1 person who will always put a smile on her face. Having Zoey at an easy access is dangerous in my house but it sure makes for an interesting day.

Mini Golf- Idaho

Okay so this is the last entry of my Idaho excursion. Austin and Colette invited me to go mini golfing with them and Madison, of course I jumped at the chance. Espcially since Josh's sister had Ginger for the night and mom watched Zoey for me. No kids WOOHOO!! We went to this new place called 'Shanks'. It's indoor and has the neon lights that really are neat looking under the blacklights also if you get the 3-D glasses the walls and the art turn 3-D. It was awesome. I even got a hole in one with them on. Yeah for me. Afterwards we went and ate at applebee's I love that restaraunt. It was a great evening with Austin, Colette and Madison.