Monday, April 12, 2010


Easter was pretty easy going for us this year. I would of loved to have gone and had Easter dinner with some family but... they were on vacation :). The girls dyed eggs on Saturday. They sure did love that. And then they went to bed with the anticipation of the Easter Bunny coming. Ginger fell asleep quickly that night. When they woke up Zoey's basket was on her high chair, which Ginger found and came running into my room to wake me up and ask where her basket was. When I told her it was hiding and she had to look for it. She freaked out!! She didn't like that at all. It took maybe 9 minutes to find it. I helped her a little. I just told her the general idea where her basket could be. After lunch and Zoey's nap they did a little easter egg hunt outside, right in front of my downstairs neighbors porch. They had so much fun doing the hunt. Ginger found ALL of them, not really giving Zoey a chance to look for them. But Ginger would find Zoey's eggs and put them in her basket. There was also one golden egg that had double the candy and 50 cents. Ginger was very proud of her money. Which she promptly lost later that day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Miami Baby!!

So the last weekend of March we were off to Miami! It was fantastic. We were there for a real estate class. I was supposed to go with Josh but we didn't find a sitter who could come with us so, darn it, I had to take care of the kids and take them to all the fun things to do in Miami. It really was fun. Most of the days it was cloudy and rainy. But it was still beautiful. And on the only sunny day that occurred while we were there, me and the girls went to South Beach. Wow, it was just gorgeous. I had never seen ocean water so clear. Ginger loved every moment of it. The day before South Beach we went to Key Biscayne but could only stay for a short time cuz' it rained :( but we made the most of it anyways. Ginger was happy cuz' there was sand for her to dig in. Zoey on the other hand HATED the sand, she absolutely refused to stand in it. It was pretty cute. She would only stand on the towel, boogie board or stroller. And Ginger sure knows how to make friends wherever she may be. While we were at South Beach she even made friends with some college boys (I know, I know), she danced for them (I know, I know) and she even kissed one (I know, I know trust me I know). The girls and I got totally fried from the sun, I felt horrible about Ginger's sunburn, the poor girl couldn't even pull her pants down to go potty without screaming. I'm a horrible mother. The next was cloudy and a chance to rain so we went to the zoo. That was fun. The girls loved it. On Monday Josh was out of class and finally able to play with us. That day was also cloudy and stormy and rainy but we headed off to Key Largo anyways, beautiful just beautiful there. We got some key lime pie while we were there as well. And then we headed off to the Everglades. Now that was amazing. It was crazy to see so many alligators in there natural habitats and knowing that the only thing between us was a wooden fence. It was a relaxing trip and the girls did pretty good throughout the whole thing. On our way home we stopped and played a little bit in Savannah, GA. That was great, very pretty. I thought it would of been more hopping than it was but it was amazing. And we also went to Ft. Stewart, GA the place where I was born. We drove on the army base and took pics of the hospital that my first breath occurred. It was pretty cool.