Monday, August 31, 2009

Meridian Speedway Races

The first Friday we were in Idaho we got free tickets to the races cuz' Josh's cousin's husband was racing his car, so off we went. Zoey stayed with mom and Erin where they had a fabulous time. It was really loud. I'm not really a car racing kind of gal. I started getting a headache but once I put in the earplugs I was good to go. I didn't realize how many crashes there were in the races WOW pretty intense. Also there were these tiny tinny cars that 10 yr olds drove. It was so cute and they hardly crashed. When the races were done we went to go see the drivers. It was quiet so I was a happy girl.

Nampa Nights

In Downtown Nampa Idaho they do this thing every Thursday night during the summer where they'll have a live band and shut down a couple streets and you can just hang out and visit. We did that while we were there. Boise also does this but it's on Wednesday and I think it's better (don't know for sure since we haven't gone to it yet). So we went and it was pretty neat. We stopped at a fountain and ran through it and got nice and wet and then Austin found us and we went to sit with him and Colette and enjoyed each others company and the live music. But not the creepy homeless mentally handicapped person who would continually sway to the music and stare at the little kids *shudder* Erin is claiming he's a product of inbreeding. He tried selling us some "artwork". Anyways after the music was done Austin wanted to show us a dog park nearby so we called Matt to see if we could pick up Jack(the dog) and he said no. That was a little weird, Jack would of loved the park. Austin went and got his dogs and off we went. It was great. Ginger loved seeing all the dogs and she made a friend. Kids sure do know how to make friends quickly.

Swimming Hole

So while we were in Idaho Josh had a schedule of things he wanted us to do. And going to our swimming hole was one of them. It's not really ours many people know about it. I had my girlfriend Jessica come with us and it was great. The water was COLD!! Man I'd gotten used to Virginia waters, warm. But it was beautiful. Ginger sure did like it. She mostly enjoyed having Jessica pay tons and tons of attention to her. Zoey loved splashing her little feet in the water if you held her up to it. It was just great to go there and enjoy it. Even if it was cold.

Happy Birthday Ginger!

Ginger turned 3 on the 22nd! It was a sad sweet day for me. We were in Idaho for her big day and we planned a huge party at a local park where everyone can come and see us for a bit. Ginger had a blast. She knew it was her party to. All her cousins were there and she couldn't of been happier. She was so much fun to watch the whole time. When the cake arrived she wanted to eat it right away, it had spongebob on it. Her favorite. She couldn't wait to open her birthday cards, that's right cards. She has a thing for cards. She got one in the mail from toys r us and she slept with thing. And when Zoey got a hold of it and it ripped in half she cried. Watching her opening her presents was pure joy. Her expressions were priceless. She loved practically everything. Although her favorite was her Little Mermaid birthday card that played a song that opened up. Too cute. I also decided to take a page out of Aunt Lauri's book and ask people what they loved about Ginger. So without further Ado...

Norman: Her blonde hair and the way she gives kisses

Mom AKA Grammy: Her personality and the way she has "say so's" (that's what she calls her dresses, don't know why) mom thinks its cuz' she says so.
Erin: Her tantrums and how they work, and how she puts her older cousins in their place!

Josh: How she loves me and how she does silly new stuff

Zoey: Pftttttt (she just blew a raspberry at me)

Alex: Ginger (just kept saying her name), because. On a side note when Alex came home with Erin for the weekend we weren't at the house and that's where they went first and Alex went through the whole house calling for her. They're pretty good friends.
Austin: Her mischevious personality
Colette: Her "Perfct" hair

Matt: Her curls, her cheeks and her smile

Desi: Her laugh (in case no one knew Matt and Desi are expecting their first baby together!!)

Kaitlyn: Her curls

Kadin: I don't know, fun to play with

Cathy AKA Nana (Josh's mom): Her beautiful hair, her blue eyes everything about her

Venessa (Josh's sister): How pretty she is, her blonde hair, her blue eyes, her big lips and how she freaks out when she sees me

Kat (Colette's daughter): Ginger plays with me

Madison: Because she acts like me, and she gives her daddy the "look" (don't know what that look is)

Jessica: Funny, so cute, lovable no matter what you do she just loves you

Dad AKA Papa: She's a wild child who acts like her mother, reminds me of her mom

Sunday, August 30, 2009


After 10 days of being back home in Idaho, we're back in Virginia. I'm exhausted, it was the most busiest vacation EVER. Josh had a schedule all planned out and everything. It was pretty great. I miss everyone already terriblly and we probably won't go back home for a long while. I'll be posting more blogs soon. Just gonna chillax for now. Feels good to be in my own home, in my bed.