Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York City

For mine and Josh's 5yr anniversary this year we went to New York. It was AMAZING! It was everything we thought it would be. We only went for the day, but we saw as much as we could. We took a bus there, so it was nice to really just enjoy the drive with Josh since he didn't have to worry traffic and what not. Once we got there we were dropped off in front of Macy's, the largest department store. We didn't go inside though :(. Then we went to the Empire State building. That was great. The views were amazing. After that we had lunch in Bryant park! That was exciting to me since I watch Project Runway and that's where they have the final fashion show :). Then it was off to grand central station where we rode the subway, which wasn't as crowded as we thought but it was pretty dirty, to Times Square. All I have to say about Times Square is OMGosh!! It was unbelievable. I wish I could of seen it all lit up at night, but we had to catch our bus. While in Times Square we went to the Hershey store and M&M world. Then we rode the ferry to Staten Island, it's free, and then rode it back. We passed right by the statue of liberty. Then we went to see the world trade center site. It wasn't really impressive and it was hard to try and get any feelings for the place since the whole area is under construction. We bought hot dogs from a street vendor. They weren't as great I thought it would be. We also hugged a couple of black dudes. They were holding up signs that said 'Free Hugs' or 'Hug a black guy and get addicted to black', so we thought what the heck. We also got free Dr. Peppers, and while I was crossing the street to catch up to Josh this bicyclist crashed into me and smashed my pop all over me!!! And then he just left, what a true jack ass! He's lucky I didn't get hurt. After an amazing day in New York we caught our bus and headed home.