Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating the tree

The day after Thanksgiving we set up our tree and decorated it. Boy did Ginger love it. She just thought that it was the coolest thing ever. After every ornament she hung up she would yell 'TA DA I did it' she was to cute. Now we have to watch her from trying to take them off and put them back on. It was nice to have that family time considering Josh doesn't think decorating the tree is that big of a deal (he will though) and there was a football game on that he wanted to watch, so he took the photos.


Now that my husband has relinquished the computer to me I can now write about my thanksgiving. It was wonderful. We went to Dani's house and it was just awesome to be with family this year. We are definately lucky to have family nearby. It was fun. We played the PS3 and listened to music, caught up on things. Ginger had a blast hanging out with her cousins. The kids were loud and wonderful, having a loud holiday is always comforting to me. It was just a wonderful time. I'm so glad that we'll be able to visit them.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Finally a day to do nothing. Today is Josh's first day at Micron here in VA and I gotta say that I'm kinda glad he's gone as much as I love the guy I'm happy to spend time with and I'm happy t see him go. He is just to busy for me. He always wants to go and do something whereas me... I want to stay home and relax. We've gone most of this week looking around the neighborhoods and getting our bearings. But now, it's just me and Ginger all day!! I love to stay at home and do nothing.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday we spent a few hours in DC. It was awesome. It was such a beautiful day, cold but beautiful (and poor Josh only had his sweatshirt so he was freezing), and we got to see so much in just a couple of hours and we didn't get to everything. It's only a 40 min drive to DC from where we live so visiting the nation's capitol can be done anytime. It was just awesome to be in a place where so much history took place. And the white house was cool. It was great to see it in person. Even though I was exhausted from so much walking and carrying Ginger I still had a great time. And Josh did to. He loves history. We moved to a great state with so much history that Josh is going to love. Virginia isn't so bad.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What the heck!

Ginger is doing really well with her potty training here. It's insane!! We are not doing anything at all. She tells us and then goes. She's doing much better here than back in Idaho. It's crazy. I hope it'll continue and stick but I'm not banking on it. We still have one more move to make and then the new baby will be here. So far so good here in Virginia. Today was a much more mellower day. I can't remember all that we did though, stupid preggo brain. A little chilly and since my jacket was still wet in the dryer, cuz' it doesn't dry well, I had to go without one (making me want my dryer badly). Ginger was pretty good today, probably cuz' it was a mellow day, she made up her own songs and was having conversations with us in the car, she hates it when she's not included and trys to talk over you so you can listen to her. Yep today was a good day.

I did it!!

I drove today!! I was pretty proud of myself, and it wasn't to horrible the traffic wasn't bad and all I had to do was follow the GPS directions to my destination. We had to take back the rental
:( sad cuz' we really love the GPS. And I got to drive that while Josh took our car, silly guy actually thought I knew where to go. Nope and the dork didn't even wait for me anyways. So I followed the GPS and made it there by myself!!! However though it wasn't the right place, it was because you can return cars there but it wasn't cuz' Josh wanted to go to a different place. Then he should of told me and plugged it into the GPS himself.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are here

We made it to Virginia!! We are safe and more or less happy to be here. The trip here was long. Ginger was great though. She loved the take off and landing of the airplane and she napped most of the time and watched a movie (portable dvd player), boy did we get lucky!!! We got in when it was kinda dark so we couldn't see anything on our way to the apartment. BTW GPS ROCKS!!! Our rental has it and it has been a lifesaver for us, we might just have to buy our own now. Today was spent driving around and was supposed to be fun getting to know the area and get a little shopping done, but it turned to crap when Josh got pulled over (that's right 12 hrs in and he already gets a ticket) I wasn't feeling good and that made Josh upset (espcially when told to pull over) he just hates how sick I've been this pregnancy. And Ginger has been a turd today (and I expect a few more days of it also), but otherwise it's not so bad. It's pretty here, nice and green. It's cold though, it snowed today. I wish I had packed my winter jacket. It's going to take me a while to get used to being here but I know I will. Still hard to believe that I have moved so far away. We can't wait to start going to all the fabulous places that are here.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I wanted to post a little something about my little girl, Ginger. These last few days have been a little rough for her, what with the move that's going on and everything. I've been kinda single parenting it while Josh has been getting things settled and cleaned. So Ginger has been a real snot (ask my mom about thursday night) and I've just about had it with her and I'm at my wit's end. I just read my aunt Lauri's blog about taking the good with the bad and I couldn't agree more. I forget the good most times. And sometimes its hard to remember them. Once I feel like I could beat my kid black and blue and not feel remorse about she does something that just makes my heart swell. Like we went out for breakfast this morning and she was being horrible (sometimes) and just when I'm ready to explode, she'll look at me and smile her sweetest smile and ask if I want her Teddy Grahm or Gold Fish. Or she'll give me a HUGE hug and tell me she loves me. Moments like that are what makes being a parent worthwhile, and during those moments I forget just how horrible she can really be. Until next time. So I just want to say that I'm blessed to have a such a wonderful daughter, even if she does drive me crazy most of the time. Thank you Lauri for your post, it has helped me remember that not everyday is supposed to be a perfect day with children. But that there are some perfect moments.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Hansen Update

So our house is packed and loaded and being shipped to Manassas as we speak. It's sad seeing my house so empty. Since our house is empty we're staying with Josh's sister. It's a bit of an adjustment, espcially for Ginger. The poor girl doesn't know what's going on, just that something is. So she's being grumpy lately. On Saturday I went to the hosptial because of some crazy contractions I was having. They weren't real ones but I was having them often enough in an hour that I was scared enough to go. They gave me a shot and and they stopped. They came back the next day and I'm told to just relax. Which is really hard to do with everything that's going on and with a 2 yr old. But I'm definatley trying. This baby is not coming out till I say so. (I really don't think that'll happen) Dani has been great getting me info on hospitals and docs. I alsmost have one picked out!! Austin got out yesterday and we had the whole family go to my moms house for wontons, yummy. It was nice getting the whole together like that. I'm going to miss that. Me and Josh can't wait till we fly out on Monday. We're pretty excited about the move. We also found out everything that has to do with our new temporary housing and it comes with HOUSEKEEPING!!! How awesome is that??? I'll hardly have to lift a finger, wait I already do that :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had my last doctors appointment for Idaho today. It went well, expect they changed their location and didn't let me know, they did say that the automated phone call the day before told me, but what ever. So once I got there things were good. I got my blood drawn for gestational diabetes, BTW that was the best stick I've ever had!! I didn't feel anything. The flu shot I got after hurt worse, crazy. I didn't really want a flu shot but I felt pressured and my doc kept going on how pregnant women die from the flu and also since I'm traveling I should get one and my family cuz' newborns die from the flu also. Kinda scary. But whatever it's done and over with. Once I got home I went straight online to try and find a doctor who is with Blue Cross and will be PHCS as of January 1. I found a few but I don't which hospital to go to. I kinda want to go to this one that's kinda further away because its nicer and I feel jipped that I'm going to missing out on the whole new baby facility here (where I get a free massage) but I don't know, it depends on traffic. This SUCKS!! Especially since I'm now at the point where every 2 week appointments are now called for. And my insurance customer care service people aren't very friendly. BUT microns HR department is, and very helpful and patient when I had a total preggo brain moment and lost my train of thought mid sentence, embarrassing!! All will turn out but being pregnant and moving and having to find everything ALL over again is frustrating since I'm not physically there and have to try and do this 2500 miles away.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Halloween

It was so much fun. Ginger is at a very fun age for trick or treating. We went to our old area this year and it was beautiful, old boise is beautiful with its old huge houses. And the weather was PERFECT normally its freezing out for halloween and you need to adjust costumes to accomadate bundling up but this year it was in the 60's. Like I said PERFECT. Ginger loved getting her candy and when she would get one she would look at me and tell me "get more mama" and then run to the next house. She was to cute. Josh was able to get the first half his night off so that he could trick or treat with Ginger and me. I'm so glad he did cuz' he had a blast to. Whenever Ginger would run her wings would bounce around, too cute.