Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Penelope Blessing

May 3, 2013 we had Penelope blessed. We did at our home since Josh wouldn't be able to make it church. And we didn't want him to miss it. Josh's grandpa Don performed the blessing and the bishop and my grandpa were in the circle.
It was so great to share this special day with friends and family. Gerrie, my step-mom, had never seen a blessing before so it was neat to have her there and experience it. Josh's grandpa messed up with Penny's middle name so I stopped so he could start over, and he did it again! 3rd time was a charm though.

Time to update!!

Boy has it been awhile! It's been crazy busy here in the Hansen Household, and also with everyone connected on Facebook it is so much easier to do a quick post here, a picture there... But I think I will try and keep up on my blog. Once a month sounds doable! OK so since I last posted I had a baby!! Sweet Penelope Michelle was born February 24. She has been such a delight to our family. Josh got a job at IM Flash in Lehi, UT. which means we relocated there ourselves! Crazy times. So far it's been great in Utah. A bit of an adjustment, but it sure is beautiful here. And there is some family here so all in all pretty good. The girls are growing like weeds. Ginger will be 7 this summer and will start 2nd grade. Boy am I getting old. She LOVES her baby sister Penelope. And here Zoey are frenemies most days. Zoey will finally start preschool this year. A dream come true for her. I switched her wardrobe today from a 4t to a 5t. She is just getting so big and a smart girl. Penelope is 4 months already! The time sure flies. She still sleeps in the room with me. I'm just not ready to have her in her crib in another room. It's such a joy to watch Penelope grow and develop and watch her personality emerge. I am doing well. A little sleep deprived. But that's my fault now. Penelope sleeps really well at night. I just stay up WAY past my curfew. What can I say? Once the kids are in bed it's mommy time! I am feeling a little lonely here in Utah, Josh is working nights so he is gone/awake at night and sleeping during the day. I'm not to close to the family I do have here and most of them have work anyways. And it's so hard to make friends as a grown up. Church has been interesting here. The people are friendly enough at church but I live on the same street with a lot of people and not a hello from any of them... I don't see any bosom buddies in that group. However I did meet a neighbor who isn't a member of the church but her husband is a pastor and we went to a local pond where are kids could splash and I see friend potential there. Time will tell. Summer is going to be LONG here. Josh got us all the Pass of All Passes which gets us into many cool things for free! But the girls are now expecting these fun times and throw fits when we don't... Very frustrating. Some days I just want to stay home. Well that may be all for now...