Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm crafty!

I'm totally feeling like a crafty lady this month! Check it out!!

My halloween house!

Below are my projects from my Super Saturday at church. It was so much fun!

A tile with vinyl stuff, super cute. I totally love it.

These mummies took for ever, in fact I didn't get a chance to finish them Saturday so I finally finished them today! Super cute!

Micron Celebration

So Josh's work had a big celebration a couple weeks ago for hitting a goal. They were to make so much of something in so much amount of time (that's all I know). They threw a huge bar-b-que at this beautiful ranch called Marriott Ranch. There was tons of food, balloon animals, face painting, popcorn, games, wall climbing, pony rides, ice cream, rodeos, you get the idea. It was fantastic. The kids had a wonderful time. So did I but I enjoyed watching the kids have some serious fun. We got Ginger's face painted. Zoey's too, but just a small butterfly on her cheek. We had to wait in line for almost an hour. But it was worth it just for her pure look of joy while it was getting done and then when it was finished. The kids loved the fact that they could eat whatever they wanted to and mommy and daddy didn't care. Ginger LOVED the pony ride she thought it was the most coolest thing ever. The rodeo was kind of a bust since 10 min into it one of the cowboys horses tripped and the horse rolled on him and kinda squished him sooo.... we left. But Ginger did get some candy from them throwing them out in the crowd.

Here is her beautiful face!

And this what it looks when you have to wash it off. It was very traumatizing for her.


Here we are on our way to school!!

Oh my...
On our way in....
Waiting for class to start. She could hardly stand it.

I don't really know why she's upset here, but, I do know that it did not last long!
Getting ready to start her very first school work
Here is Ginger's cubby. It's the bottom one.

This was after school, as you can see she had a wonderful time!

Ginger has officially started pre-school and she LOVES it! So do I. Not only does she get the learning she needs it's preparing her for kindergarten. And while she's in school Zoey is napping the whole time that she's in school. So I have a solid 2 hours with no children running around and screaming at me. So peaceful. She was so excited to start going to school. She didn't even cry when we had to leave her leave her there. I didn't either (yeah me!). Apparantly Ginger assigned herself a seat cuz' when another kid sat in her seat she freaked out! Normally the teachers will wait till they assign seats so they can see how all the kids interact with each other and make the necessary switches but the teachers made a mental note to make sure that Ginger's seat remained her seat. I thought was hilarious.


The beginning of September we went to Outerbanks, North Carolina. It was beautiful. Even the drive was pretty and it was 8 hours. We camped on the beach, of course! I guess I must look like some stuck up housewife. Cuz' the park ranger checking us in looked in the car took one look at me and said that this was a simple campsite with no showers, just bathrooms. Ooookkkaaayyy, and I care because?? I'm camping at the beach!! The ocean will be my bath... So I was totally expecting outhouses and to my surprise there was running water and no stinking outhouses! Alright! And there was showers, cold ones but showers nonetheless! I was at the 'Hilton' of beach campsites. :) The girls couldn't wait to go play in the ocean. Even Zoey seemed to finally enjoy all the awesomeness of the beach. We were at the ocean playing in the water three times a day, the girls were exhausted come bedtime. The best part about the East Coast beaches is that the water is warm. There is no shock factor. We saw dolphins, lighthouses and even a drive-thru just for drinks. We took a ferry to another Island and enjoyed looking out in the water and seeing all the sandbars. On our last day there, there was hurricane Earl coming in a few days so the waves were HUGE! We boogied boarded till our arms couldn't take it anymore. It was awesome.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amanda and Ginger Hansen's Page

This is Ginger's very first fundraising event and we are pretty excited about it! Our goal is to earn $400, a hundred dollars for how old Ginger is. Ginger's school goal is $1500. Any donation would be wonderful. Thank you! Amanda and Ginger Hansen's Page