Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ginger talk

after i sit down to nurse zoey

'I feed my baby' (as she holds her baby and lifts her dress) says Ginger

"Oh your going to feed your baby now?" says I

' Yes' (she sits down on the couch and gets comfy)

' baby eat button' (placing baby mouth on her belly button)

"Is she going to eat your boobies?" says I (that's what we call nursing here in our house)

'No, baby eat button'

"Why?" asks I

'Cuz' I no have boobies I have button'

I just thought that was too cute not to share for others, she was feeding her baby with her belly button cuz' she doesn't have boobies.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Camera Happy

I LOVE this picture of Ginger, can't you just see that attitude? Yeah, it's wonderful.

I decided to just take some pics of Zoey since it had been awhile, and went wild with it. Ginger loves getting her picture taken, for the most part.


I don't know how she did it but really she was stuck, aren't we wonderful parents?? Instead of rushing to her side to get her out we grab the camera first? Evil I know.


Why is she crying? Big troubles that's why! Read on or scroll down, either way you'll find out.

Easter was pretty good here for Ginger. She loved it. After she went to bed the night before I laid out some plastic eggs that had candy in it and had it so that it was a trail for her to follow till she could find her basket. Since she's to little to understand that her basket was hiding. I had planned to wake up early so that I could watch her do it but she beat me to it. I woke up to this clicking noise and when I got up there were NO eggs anywhere in sight, as well as Ginger. She had found all the eggs in the trail and put them in her cubby seat on her car and was just digging into her basket when I got up. She thought she was in trouble for getting her basket until I told her that the easter bunny brought it for her. Of course I couldn't find the camera while she was unloading her basket. Later in the day I did a little egg hunt in the apartment and tried to keep Ginger in her room while I hid the eggs, but she wasn't having it and threw a huge tantrum over it. Once out and realized what was going on she was alllllll about it. To cute. She got a light up pen in her basket that had a bunny and some fluffy stuff on it and while I was cleaning the kitchen I hear Zoey crying, so I go over and see what Ginger has done (it's always Ginger when I hear that particular cry) and sure enough, Ginger had decided to draw on Zoey. Poor Zoey, this only the beginning of torture for her.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hanging out at Dani's

She looks soooo big here. I can't believe how grown up she is.

Daddy loves this more than Zoey
Tuckered out from playing, so sweet.

Blessed and Rocking

Last Saturday we got Zoey blessed! It was so great that Brent did it. It was just amazing to witness Ruthie's baptism and feel the spirit and watch Zoey and Sam get blessed. It was such a different experience from when Ginger got blessed. At Ginger's it was during sacrament and she screamed the whole time. But with Zoey's it was much more intimate. And she was quiet and smiled the whole time. I was actually able to hear the blessing. I know that I'm blessed to have some family here in Virginia. I love you guys!!! Afterwards we went back to Dani's place and just kinda hung out. We also played rock band, and if you haven't played it and you get the chance, take it, it's sooooooooo fun. Anyways we played the song 'so whatcha want' by the beastie boys and i was the singer and i scored a 100%! yeah for me! it was so much fun.

ps. i'm 'Leo'

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

Last Thursday we went to the Cherry Blossom in DC and it was soooo pretty. It was a bit of a cloudy day but wonderful anyways. It was great to do this as a family. I couldn't believe how many trees there were and they were so pretty Ginger loved being able to just run around like crazy of course I nearly had a heart attack the whole time we were by the water cuz' there wasn't a rail to stop her if she fell EEKK!! She didn't of course. When we got to the Jefferson Memorial they had a stage set up and they were playing music and they had dancers. Ginger loved the music as soon as we got closer she was a dancing fool. Then she ran up the steps (I followed) and she would sit and take a break every now and then. She did pretty good listening to us (SHOCK!!!) but of course since she's 2 1/2 she didn't listen every time. It was a wonderful day.

Atantic City Pics