Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

This christmas was ALL about Ginger, mostly cuz' I got put on bedrest at a horrible time, I didn't finish Josh's christmas shopping so all he got was socks, underwear, and jammies!! I didn't even get stocking stuffers for him so all he got was candy in his. So sad, whereas me... yeah he did good with the stocking stuffers I felt so horrible but, I'm determined to make it up to him after bedrest is over. Anyways Ginger was too fun this christmas, she LOVED opening up her presents. After she would open one she would point at another and ask to open it. To cute, her favorite presents was her 'scary' movie, Monster House. She LOVES that movie. Weird kid. And of course the candy. She got lots of winnie the pooh from her Grandpa Louie (Josh's dad) and she loves them. Espcially the snuggle one.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was good here with us, a little sad being away from the family made even more so when we couldn't get to see each other with web cams because my moms computer was being dumb. But we made it work. My mom sent us our traditional stockings w/the stuffers in em' and our jammies, which totally made my bedridden day!! I had a hard time relaxing cuz' I was so eager to get that package from my mom. Ginger loved looking at those presents under the tree. We didn't put ANY under the tree till then cuz' we knew she would just try to open them. And she did with all of them, but she didn't succeed. First we opened the stockings from my mom and Ginger didn't know how to do it properly, you got to just dump it on the ground then go through it (well I pull things out slowly so I can enjoy the process) but she would just grab one item then play with it and not worry about the rest. Her favorite was the candy and her finger puppets, she loved them.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ginger's Ornament

Here she is playing with it.

Ginger's grandpa (Josh's dad) sent christmas presents and also an ornament, Ginger LOVED it we just HAD to hang it on the tree. Actually I had to talk her into it cuz' all she wanted to do was play with it. But once she understood that SHE would be the one hanging it up she was all over it, she was so all over it that she would take it off and then put it back it on.

Out and about

You would think with the way we're bundled up it would be bad outside but nope, it was just sprinkling. We went prepared!

Measuring Small

I'm already a lazy person but now I get to be EXTRA lazy, per doc's orders.

So yesterday we had my doctor's appointment, no biggy, regular prenatal check up, well apparantly I was measuring small. I was measuring 33 centimeters when I should be measuring 35 cuz' I'm 35 weeks preggo. So the Doc had me go to the hospital and get a ultra sound just to make sure cuz' she could of measured wrong. Well the baby is measuring via ultrasound at 33 weeks so they put me on bedrest!! Holy crap I was still reeling from that news when the told me that I also have to go do non-stress tests twice a week till the baby is born. Holy moly. I think the nurse said something about a growth restriction but I'm not sure, I'll get more info on Monday when I go in for my first non-stress test. Luckily Josh has this next week off so he can help me out, he's already got dinners planned out for the next week so that all I'll have to do is reheat them. He even set up the extra twin bed in the living room so I can have my bedrest there :). What a good man. He yells at me when I try to help a little around the house. But I dont' know what bedrest exactly means should I let my house get trashed and my kid run loose. BTW bedrest is silly when you have a small child I don't know how it gets done, so if you guys have some pointers on how I can deal with this please let me know. This came at the worst time ever. I'm away from home for the first time ever and christmas is just around the corner. I can't even finish going shopping for Josh so he's buying his presents this year, at least he'll like what he gets this time. I'll make it up to him. Ginger thinks it's cool that there's a bed in the living room.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Animal Noises

I just wanted to show you how she makes her piggy noises, it's the very beginning. I don't know why she just doen't say 'Oink'.

Go me!!

That's right I've been dabbling in the braiding of Ginger's hair and I'm getting pretty good at it!! I'm pretty proud of myself!! And Ginger loves her pretty's. Next will my attempt with french braiding.


did you know that I can't even braid my own hair?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My girl when she wasn't feeling good.

Not to much has been going here with us. Just kind of been getting used to be in Virginia, and we are. Josh has officially started work and he says he hates it :) but oh well, one of needs to bring home the bacon and it really can't be me, I'm baking a baby right now. We are still undecided if we want to rent or buy here. We want a place that has a backyard and that would be a house but the rent for those is WAY more than buying, I don't know we'll see. Ginger has finally gotten over being sick. YEAH!! She had us a little worried. She'd been having fevers for a few days and I didn't see that as a big deal but then on Friday I noticed that she wasn't moving her head, she had a stiff neck so then I worried about menegitis (don't laugh at me, 4 months ago someone close to us almost lost her baby to it) and we took her to the ER and it was just a stiff neck, Whew. This morning she woke up like her old self!! That's a good and bad thing, cuz' now I can't drug her when she's cranky. I've been good. I've got a doc here so that's good (thank you Dani) I'm still not to sure about her but at this point I don't even care. I've been having issues with our health insurance (did I really think I was done with it all in Idaho?) we were supposed to have active blue cross insurance on Dec. 1 did that happen? Nope so we had to pay $200 bucks out of our personal money to pay the doc. (we'll be reimbursed later) now my question is how the heck does it cost that much when all she did was have me pee in a cup, measure my belly and check the baby's heartbeat? AND we waited FOREVER. Insane!! Also I've stopped smoking!! Yeah me, this Friday will mark my 3 weeks of being smoke free!! Now I'm not telling all of you so you can gripe at me and tell me all the horrible things that smoking does to me and the baby, I'm VERY proud of myself! And I plan to stay smoke free even after the baby is born.


Yeah, we FINALLY closed on our house. We wired the closing money yesterday (supposed to have been last Friday, preggo brain) and the papers have been signed. We now don't have to worry to much about the house, we just have to make sure that they will make the payments. We are doing an owner carry or a wrap which means we'll carry the loan for a few years until they are able to re-finance the house under their name, so it's almost like a rent-to-own. I didn't care so long as the house payments were going to be made. This is one worry that we don't have to have now!!


If I really think about my family, I start to get homesick. And being pregnant and emotional has made it even more difficult. It's always there and I try really hard to ignore it because I'm trying to enjoy being here (which I do for the most part) but sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I miss my mom so much I miss our Thursday nights, I can't wait to see her when the baby is here and that helps a little. I just miss being to go to any of my family's houses anytime and just visit with them. I'm SOOOO grateful that I have some family here and that's helped, just knowing that they are here and close by.