Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Roller Skating

Our playgroup here is pretty wonderful last week we did a v-day party for the kids and the week before we went roller skating. At the rink here the first thursday of the month is "stroller" skating, you can take your strollers out there with you. SO cool. We put Ginger is skates and Zoey in the stroller, DUH, and Ginger had a blast. At first she kept falling but near the end she could actually "skate". More like walking with them on. She could even pick herself up when she fell. Josh went with us since he didn't have to work and helped me with the kids. He was the ONLY adult guy there. Pretty cute. And he didn't care. So much fun. I tried to do limbo but... it didn't work out that great. Ginger loved to push Zoey around with her skates on.

Monday, February 16, 2009


In Sunday school yesterday (still kinda hard to believe that I'm going) the teacher asked us what it felt like to have faith in Christ many people answered but one man answered in a way that I personally felt was what it was like. He said that it was like coming to church on a cold winter day, walking through the cold then entering the church where it's warm and there are many people there who love you. I thought that that was a great description. As I was listening to everyone I couldn't help but think of Zoey in my arms and thinking that this is faith in Christ. Just holding a newborn baby in your arms is (in my opinion) faith in Christ you feel good inside you get the warm fuzzies you look into their eyes and you see their innocence, and you feel the love. No matter where I was in life I've always had faith in Christ.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Making Friends

I never knew how hard it was to make friends, in Idaho I already had some, my family and friends I'd had since high school. I didn't realize how lucky I truly was until I moved to Virginia and had to start all over. It's difficult when your an adult to put yourself out there and try to let your awkwardness fade away. It's getting better for me. Going to church has helped since there are many ladies there around my age and have kids around Gingers age. Also they have a wonderful playgroup and have warmly welcomed me and Ginger into it and we've been having a blast. And there is this one family who lived below us in corporate housing, moved here from Idaho also and have kids Ginger age and they are only a few years older than us. It's still a little weird to talk to them only cuz' we don't know each other and I don't know how I should act in front of people I don't know (I'm scared I may scare them off until they really get to know me) but I really think we could be good friends (at home and to my family I call her my 'very best friend but she doesn't know it yet'), her hubby also works at Micron (hence the move here) so him and Josh would be able to talk shop (since I just tend to tune him out I don't know the technical jargon). It's going to take some time till I find that true friend here, but for now it's been kinda fun getting to know the ladies of the church.