Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stompy Feet

Zoey just started doing this and now she's kinda done with it so I'm glad I got it on video when I did. Just out of the blue Zoey would do a little jig. I took a couple videos cuz' I wanted to get a really good one and it took like 2 days, and I think this one is the winner. I liked to call it her Fancy Feet but Ginger was set on calling it Stompy Feet. Since that's what it kinda looks like. Zoey is just to cute.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A year ago...

A year ago Dani and me had just had our babies. My mom came to visit and we headed to Dani's so the two of them could visit. How often are sisters together nowadays? We took some cute pics of the babies.

aren't they so cute? so adorable, so sweet.

And then they turned 1!

still adorable and still sweet. what a year it was!

Happy Birthday Zoey!

I know it's a little late coming but...

My baby girl turned 1 on December 30! I just can't believe it. Where did that year go? I want it back. I want to cherish more. She's no longer a baby. She's a walking, talking(well she thinks she's talking, it's just babble) almost toddler! It's been so great to watch her grow into this sweet little person. I don't think I've met a more sweet baby (well baby Sammy is right up there, he sure is sweet). She loves to play with sister. It's fun to listen them giggle with each other. They get along with each other more than not. And Zo Zo knows how to get even on Ginger as well. She doesn't retaliate right away. She'll wait till Ginger least expects it and then POW! she'll pull Ginger's hair or whap her with whatevers in her hand. I know it's not funny. But I laugh, just not out loud. Zoey LOVES to dance. It's so cute to watch her. And her smile? It just lights up the room, as well my spirits. I couldn't of asked for a better baby! Happy Birthday Zoey. Here's to the next year and whatever it may bring. I love you!

So we had a little party with just me, Josh, Ginger and Uncle Austin on Zoey's b-day

On January 1 we went to Dani and Brent's to do a joint celebration. Sam was born 2 days after Zoey. It was neat to have a double birthday party. Made it a little special and Dani made this wonderful cake!