Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can I have your attention please??

IT'S A GIRL!!! I had my ultrasound today and it's definately a girl. Josh and my mom were there, as well as Ginger (who wouldn't sit still). I knew it was going to be girl from the beginning, we have some members of the family who will be disappointed that it's not a boy but oh well. I'm thrilled. I love little girls!! I already have one so I know what to do with one. And I saved all of Ginger's clothes so I'll be able to re-use them on this kid. So I'm happy. I'm pretty sure Josh is, but I don't know. He had to go back to work right after it was done. I know that he wanted a boy just because we already had a girl. But his girls are daddy's girls. During the exam they did find one thing. It was calcium deposit in the heart. No big deal it won't hurt the baby in-utero or once it's born, but it is a characteristic of downs syndrome. So I had to take the blood test that will tell me if my baby girl has a high risk for it and will need further testing or not. I'll know in a week. I don't think she will but knowing that that possiblilty is there, is a little scary. I'm 98% positive my baby will be fine but that 2% has me a little worried. I'm so grateful that my mom was there to reassure me that it's just a precaution not a dianosis and that she let me go over to her house to hang out until I was a little more calm.

It's a girl!!

Isn't this a nice profile of her? I love it!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Party!

So we had Ginger's b-day party yesterday, and it went pretty well, I think the only sucky part was that not a lot of kids were there. But Madison was, so all was good in Ginger's world! Who am I kidding my girl is an attention HOG!! She loves it, wants it, gots to have it. She thought that having all those people there was the coolest thing ever. She would go around the whole room and get the family to pay attention to her. Once we got to the presents she just dug right in. The difference from last year to this year is amazing. I can't wait till Christmas!! Every gift she opened she would 'ooooo' over and then immediately go show Grammy (my mom). It was cute. And she wanted me to open all her toys so she could play with right away. Ginger is also such a girly girl, it kinda amazes me. Her favorite present was dress up high heels from my mom. She loved them. She loves shoes. Everytime we go to Grammy's house she would go to grammy's closet and find the bright red spike heel shoes and wear them around the house. The new clothes that she opened was replied with "pretty cute". She was very happy to wear them today. She didn't care much for the cake and ice cream, which is surprising cuz' that's her favorite thing at parties, she just wanted to go play with Madison. All in all it was a good party.

People who were there: me, josh, my mom, madison, josh's mom and her boyfriend, josh's dad and his wife, josh's grandma and her husband, josh's sister and her husband, my friend (known her since high school) and her husband, and matt and desi with their kids (but they didn't show until much later). And they all love Ginger!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ginger turned 2!!!

Ginger turned 2 on the 22nd of this month, and it makes me sad to see her get one year older. I can't believe it. I love watching her grow and become this amazing little person with her own personality but at the same time I just want her to be my little girl forever. I don't want her get older. ( I know I don't have a choice) We really didn't do anything on her birthday cuz' we're having a party on Sunday for her, but we went to DQ and got ice cream cones. She was in heaven. I love to hear her talk to me cuz' now she is actually starting to make some sense to me. And she makes me laugh with her sillyness. But again at the same time I'm just filled with nostalgia. I miss her being so little. But it'll be fun to watch her grow up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just leave me to my hormonal rage

Seriously! Once the rage starts there's nothing that will calm me down except a little time, chances are it'll be gone in a few minutes. Last night I was cooking dinner, which I'm not good at, and I had 3 things cooking at once Ginger was running around the house screaming at the top of her lungs and my dog was walking around the hardwood floors making his toe nails go 'click click click' and I HATE that noise, I don't like my dog when I'm not pregnant I just downright hate him when I am everything about him bugs me. Once dinner was done I was still moody from just cooking it due to all the noise and commotion, dinner is stressful enough for me but bring in all the distractions and I just get pissed. So were sitting down to eat and Ginger immediately starts screaming cuz' she wants some of mine, not Josh's, corn on the cob so before I could even get 1 little tiny bite on my dinner (BTW I was STARVING at this point) I had to get right back up and get a steak knife to cut the dang cob, of course I push myself roughly away from the table and sigh loudly to show my displeasure in having to do this when Josh tells me to sit back down he's got it taken care of, well again I'm moody and the moodiness turns sharply into hormonal rage as I glare at him with my steak knife in my hand and lower myself down to my seat and point the knife at him and then tell him I'm gonna stab him. I really don't know why I said that (i'm laughing now but last it wasn't funny) Josh was truly offended, but I didn't care at the time, in fact when he told me I needed to calm down and get rid of my attitude I just looked at him and told him to get over it. It's been a long since I've been this moody and I knew it was going to happen soon. It only lasted like 5 minutes. When I get in my hormonal rage just leave me to it!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love blogging, well mostly I still have a hard time deciding what I'm going to say. But I sure do love reading everyone elses blogs. It's such a great way to get to know everyone and keep in touch. I just love it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Today I had an appointment with my new doctor and I really liked her. She made feel so comfortable, she was in the exam room for like an hour talking to me and Josh and getting to know us and never showed that she was bothered by our questions. I love doctors like that. I really think we'll mesh well. She asked me why I didn't get along with my first two doctors and I told her the first I LOVED, but I had to leave due to our insurance change and the second one made me uncomfortable. You know what she said? she said that with all the doctors who work with her she would want any one of them to deliver her babies and that's what they look for. If they themselves are not comfortable with a doctor then chances are the patients won't either. It'll be interesting having a female doctor, I've never had one before. I get to find out the sex of the baby on the 27 of this month and I'm totally excited. I honestly don't know what I want, just a healthy one mostly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday and it's Josh's first day of the weekend. I woke up this morning and he had fed Ginger (although I purposely stayed in bed and let him get her) and he had opened the windows to let the morning breeze flow thorough the house and I couldn't feel more content this morning. Everything feels right. Good. It's mornings and days like this that I feel utterly and completely happy. I love summer mornings. I love spending Josh's days off with him even though he's always doing something. Days like this I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING. The idea of having another kid isn't nearly as terrifying (I'm scared about that, I've finally gotten the hang of one kid and now I'll have another and I don't know if I can juggle it). Tonight we have a b-day party to go to for Matt and Desi's daughter and it'll be fun to see everyone and hang out the family. I even dressed myself to the nines, which for me is putting my hair halfway down and putting on make-up. I just feel GREAT today!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Morning Sickness BEGONE!!!

I figured that since I'm now a little over 16 weeks preggo that my morning sickness would be gone, but NO. If Iwait to long in the morning to eat I get nauseous and then have to eat slowly or it'll come up. But the thought of eating anything when I first get up makes me nauseous. So it's a no-win situation for me. The worst is the unexpected upchuck. Like today I was just sitting here at the computer checking e-mail and my myspace page when all of sudden I'm running to the bathroom and tossing my toast and the worst part is that Ginger was with me the whole time. I try really hard for her not to see me like that. Since she's so little I didn't want her to see me like that, but alas, she has. I hate it, so if anyone gots some idea on how I can curb this please let me know.

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Back!!

I got my wedding ring back today!! YEAH!! I'm sooooooo happy to have it back. I never realize that it's a part of me till I don't have it, I really do feel naked without it. I missed it so much. And you want to know how conceited I am? This is how... going these 3 1/2 days without my ring I felt that every man I drove by or walked or biked by, was totally checking me out. Seriously. Although being pregnant with pimples all over my face it was not a really welcome feeling unless there was a total hottie around.I'm weird and I know that was not the case, well not totally, I mean come on, I am a cute 24 yr old. :) I'm just so happy to have it back.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camping at Redfish- The Bad

So after our first night at Redfish as I was waking up I lifted my left hand in front of my face, and what ring is on your left hand, that's right your wedding ring, no I didn't lose it although it would of been easier to find than the diamond that fell out!! That's right I lost a diamond from my ring and it's really noticable. Me ring has 7 diamonds 1 big one in the center and 3 smaller ones on the sides and I lost one of the side ones. I was so sad I kinda felt like a bad wife for letting that happen and then even more horrible when I realized that although my ring has a diamond for life insurance on it the only way it works is if you take it in every 6 months and have them check it and sign off on it and I hadn't. I couldn't believe it I never thought that would happen to me. When we got home I went to the store where we bought it at and I was expecting that it would cost more than 100 to get it fixed but it's only going to be 65!!! YES!! I was so excited when I heard that number Josh too. The jewelers kept telling me that at least it wasn't the big diamond which would of put a HUGE dent in our budget cuz' there is no way that I'm not getting my ring fixed. Josh really doesn't like spending money so he was even more excited than me when I told him that it would only be 65 but I would of spent more than that on it to get it fixed. When I get my ring back this tomorrow or monday I'm going to be taking that ring back every 6 months just in case. I love my ring I know it's materialistic to love something like that but I can't help it. It's MINE it's the ring Josh gave me. And it's my bling bling. I clean it myself often so it always looks new cuz' I like the way it shines and sparkles in the light. And I know I sound shallow but again I just can't help it. I miss it! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get it back.

Camping at Redfish- The Good

This weekend Josh decided to take me up to Stanley/Redfish area for a camping trip because I've never been there before. It's about a 3 hr drive from our home. And the drive up was absolutely gorgeous and when we got there I was just ready to get out of the car and explore and strech my legs. We were originally going to camp in Stanley cuz' Redfish (which is literally 8 miles down the road) is always busy and packed (think campsites at the beach) and a few weeks ago got hit with a micro-burst (winds exceeding 80mph). So we were just driving around looking at camping spots at Redfish and we found one NOT occupied, from our reactions you would of thought we hit the jackpot. Our spot was so beautiful. We were within walking distance to the lake, in fact we could see it from out spot. The Sawtooth mountains looked awesome no matter which way you looked at them. It was just wonderful and relaxing. The water was so clear. I could see straight to the bottom. I've never been anywhere where the water was that clear. Josh loves Redfish, when he was growing up him and his family would have get togethers there all the time. It brought back a lot of great memorys for him all of which he was telling me as we passed a trail he went hiking on as a kid or the creek he floated on as a kid. Ginger loved it to. The first time we went camping this year it was a DIASTER!! It was cold (like 30 or lower) and rainy and Ginger was being a brat. But this time it was wonderful. I hope we can go back again. I've never been anywhere more beautiful. We went on a paddle boat on the lake and it was awesome and pretty. Ginger got a kick out of it. The next night we went to Sun Valley (ski resort town) area and camped there not nearly as fun but just as beautiful. Because we couldn't burn the wood we found on the ground. We were pissed!! Espcially me, I wanted a fire so I could drink hot coco and stay up late and kick Josh's butt at Rummy!! But besides that it was great. I would definatley do the whole trip, minus Sun Valley cuz' the town is to fancy and busy, all over again. On the way we stopped at Fairfield and got milkshakes (it's like a rule, if your going to drive by Fairfield you get a shake) and Ginger just sucked them down like crazy!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Kid is a BRAT!!!

OMG!!! I can't believe how big of a brat my child is. It's insane. And it's a little rough on me when Josh is at work. He works 12 hr shifts. I'm going to lose my mind. I don't know if it's going to get worse or stay the same throughout her terrible two's. She'll be 2 this month. When she has a tantrum boy does she have one, she'll throw things, kick things, if I'm in the area she'll bite, hit or kick or pinch me. It's enough to make me think that child abuse isn't all that much of a bad thing (not really but on those days...) I don't even know what to do, I'm flying blind. All I can do is put her in the corner or throw her in her room. Once I put her in her room she'll throw her tantrum for more than a 1/2 hr. Oh man Oh man. I think I'm crazy for wanting a another kid when she acts like that. I hope I can handle it but I'm not sure. At least I know my kid is a brat, I've met moms who just don't see and refuse to believe it. The way I look at is it should only last till she's 3 until she's more "rounded" (can't think of another word). I know the tantrums won't go away magically when she turns 3 but I wouldn't expect so. She is my daughter after all.


So I just tried to add a video of Ginger singing a song but there was no sound what's up with that? Anyone know how I can fix that?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day at the Fair

On Sunday Josh Ginger and I went to the Canyon County Fair. We had a good time. We only went cuz' we knew that Ginger would get a kick out of it and she sure did. She loved to look at all the animals that were there, though the horses scared her a little bit. And she got to ride a couple rides by herself for the first time, and BOY did she LOVE that. She threw a little hissy fit when the ride was over and she had to get down. It was funny and cute watching her on the ride. Being a parent to a young child is different when you go to places like this than from when you weren't, because now it's all about how much fun your kid can have than how much fun YOU can have. This was first time we went to the fair since being parents and we loved watching her having a good time. The last time we went to the fair (and it was the Western Idaho Fair) I was in labor with Ginger, which is a totally different experience. And hopefully later this month we can go to the Western Idaho Fair which is bigger and better and more fun to people watch and will have more of a variety of rides that Ginger can go herself.